After years of avoiding staff an otter has been located and confirmed as the latest resident of Llyn Brenig.

Site manager Nick Kite said he and his staff have long suspected an otter had been wandering the reservoir area with foot prints visible in certain areas.

But it was not until hidden cameras were put out at night recently that the furry animal was caught on camera.

Mr Kite said: “It is fantastic to be able to confirm what we expected, we can be a bit more accommodating for it moving forward. We will put in fresh otter holts (otter homes)  and make sure that we are more aware in terms of the things we do here doesn’t impact on the otter. So any development works we do in the future, we will think about them.”

It was purely by coincidence that the otter was caught, with new cameras set to be installed at Llyn Brenig needing to be trialed.

Mr Kite said trying to find the otter provided the perfect testing run, and although the weather conditions were not great he was thrilled with the outcome of picking up two pictures of the otter.