The Mayor of Denbigh was given the privilege of pouring the first pint of beer at last weekend’s beer festival.

The festival was part of a weekend of events in the town, which the Mayor says were a real privilege to be involved in.

Cllr Tickle said: “It was the highlight of my year so far and I cannot praise the people of Denbigh for turning out.

“They really made us proud.

“The weekend went fabulously, it was the best beer festival we’ve ever had.

“It was well laid out with the music outside, people could talk inside about the beer, the attendance was brilliant and it was well cleaned up afterwards - a fantastic event.

“Open Doors was a success too, but what made the weekend really good was the centenary of the Town Hall.

“We put the time capsule from 1917 on display and there were droves of people coming through all day.

“There was a copy of the Free Press, a copy of the North Wales News and a copy of The Banner.

“There were also two coins, a half crown and a penny, and a year book about the borough council in those days - who the firefighters were, the census in 1911, quite a lot of information in such a little book.

“We’ll have it photocopied and blown up so we can put on a display in the library so the public can view it.

“We’ve got a new time capsule and we’ve asked for a few suggestions from the children for things to put in it.”