Ten people braved scorching temperatures when walking across hot coals to raise funds for an air ambulance charity.

The Boathouse in Chirk hosted a daring firewalk challenge for volunteers to face their fears and walk over coals reaching temperatures of 1,000 degrees.

The Year of Legends fire walk was organised to raise money for the Wales Air Ambulance.

Llangollen town crier Austin Cheminais was one of many to take part.

He said seven years ago he was involved in a car accident where a van reversed over both of his legs and he was airlifted to hospital.

Doctors told Mr Cheminais he might not be able to walk again but he said “fortunately that is not the case” which is why he decided to walk on fire to raise money for the air ambulance charity.

He raised more than £1,000 from the event.

Ten people took part and attended a pre-firewalking workshop to prepare them for the main event which organisers promised to be a life changing experience.

Marcia Ody, of Honu Firewalks, which provided all the equipment and preparations for the challenge, also provided a motivational speech to participants beforehand.

Donations are still coming in, but those involved confirmed they have raised thousands for the charity.

Anna Evans, fundraising manager for Wales Air Ambulance, said: “It was so great.

“Marcia got us all to do exercises to pump us up and prepare us for the event.

“We had to walk on broken glass and think about things that scared us and try to understand why. It was very much mind over matter.

“The embers we had to walk on were glowing red but as we had been prepared by Marcia we just did it without even thinking. We just went straight out there with no hesitation and walked across.

“Most of us did it twice and a few walked three times.

“I had a bit of tingly feet afterwards but no-one was hurt.

“Marcia had a bucket of cold water for us to stand in after and someone sprayed our feet with cold water.

“The people at the Boathouse were brilliant, it was a brilliant event and we’ll be doing it again next year.

“We’re so pleased everyone has been so generous and people were very impressed by those who took part because it is quite a hard thing to do, it’s not something to take lightly.”