Thousands turned out for the Denbigh Plum Feast and sampled a dizzying array of food and drink, made from Denbigh’s native plum.

Products as varied as plum gin and plum-flavoured vodka and sausages sat alongside more traditional plum jam.

There was also a huge variety of stalls on display.

Glenn Swingler, county councillor for Denbigh Upper and Henllan, said: “I was there all day helping on a stall and it was heaving in town.

“It was busy all day from 9.30am when it started, right through until 3.30pm. It was a fantastic event for Denbigh once again.

“I think Denbigh plums have been turned into absolutely everything! There were sausages, gin, vodka, jam - not a product you couldn’t put plums in.

“There were hot food stalls with Denbigh plum sausages and then the Prosecco was very popular too.

“Denbigh has had a whole year of fantastic events on in town - from the carnival and open doors to the beer festival, which raised thousands of pounds.

“And then the town hall centenary. It’s been a fantastic year for Denbigh.”

Mair Jones, who runs the carers’ support charity MaryDei said: “Massive congratulations to the Denbigh plum committee for arranging such a successful event.

“It made a change for me to be just a punter today, rather than involved in a MaryDei activity, and I enjoyed mingling and chatting with people.

“It was obvious that the fair was a happy one, with a wonderful feeling created in the hall and through the square. I spoke to many who said that this was the best one yet.”