An exhibition has opened up detailing the perhaps surprising sporting history of a Denbighshire town.

The exhibition at the Denbigh Museum catalogues the sporting achievements of the town, from football and rugby, right through to table tennis, snooker and darts.

The museum has also organised a series of talks from participants, starting with former world darts champion Mark Webster next Thursday, October 26.

Clwyd Wynne, 70, who volunteers at the museum and helped curate the exhibition said it was surprising the depth of talent that had sprung forth from the town.

“To be honest, it’s been really refreshing to see it all,” he said.

“There’s so much said about how nothing goes on or how there’s nothing to do and so on, but when you see what people have done and what there is to do, it’s such a different story.

“It was surprising to see how may people achieved high levels of skill and recognition in various sports, and how dedicated people were to those sports.

“We had a few Denbigh boys who had welsh international football caps in the early 1900s, and then a smattering of those throughout the century.

“There have been many who had trials for very well-known football clubs, something that has gone on for well over a hundred years, with people going for trials with Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers and Manchester City.

“Then, in the other sports, there are the two Phillips girls who do so well in table tennis. Their uncle was an international athlete and their father had a youth cap for rugby - there’s lots of nice individual stories.

“It’s not just about old sports tales, but also about people who’ve made their mark up to the present day.

“We’ve got stuff about Denbigh Harriers, the rugby club, Denbigh Town Football Club - who had some great achievements in the early 20th century - and then about certain individuals who stood out

“Then, there’s other sports like snooker, cricket, bowls and golf. We’ve tried to cover the whole spectrum, really, from indoor to outdoor, and we haven’t managed to get every sport involved because people didn’t come forward, but we’ve covered the majority of sports.

“We’re also starting a series of talks about various sports and the first one is by Mark Webster, who won the BDO Darts World Championships in 2008. He’s doing a talk on October 26, then there are different talks on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until the exhibition ends.”


October 26: Mark Webster (darts).

November 2: Robert Rowlands (snooker and dominoes).

November 9: Film - Running the Everest marathon and Mustang trail race with David Baugh (Denbigh Harriers).

November 16: Bob Neal and Clwyd Wynne (Denbigh football).

November 23: Tegid Phillips, Jeff Jenkins and Terry Bryer (Denbigh rugby).