A woman from Llanferres says she hopes her turn on a TV show will help inspire bigger people to be confident and happy with their size.

Holly MacGillivray, 27, who last year won a competition to be the face of a major fashion retailer, flew out for a holiday in the Bahamas as part of a new TV show, My 18-30 Stone Holiday which airs on Tuesday night on ITV.

Holly says some of her fellow travellers found the adapted resort to be a real confidence booster.

Holly said: “It is eight plus size people from the UK, you had to be over 18 stone to take part

“We flew to the Carribean and I was the only one confident with my size and happy, the advert read something like ‘Are you too shy to go on holiday, have you ever sat on a sun lounger and broken it?’, which isn’t me at all, but I thought it sounded interesting, I thought I could help my fellow travellers feel a bit better. The resort is in the Bahamas, it was beautiful we did all sort of things, yoga, kayaking, swimming in the sea.

“The resort is adapted for plus size people, so all the chairs can hold 40 stone, so we could feel comfortable and know we wouldn’t be stared at. That does happen to people at our size, people do say stuff to us.”

Holly who has worked as a plus size model and says people often seem to forget that obese people are sensitive to comments.

She continued: “I’m not promoting obesity in itself, but you can be happy at any size and you shouldn’t be made to feel bad in yourself.

“I think there will be a lot of negativity in the reaction to the show, there already has been some on the internet about the obesity, including myself, some are 38 stone, but hopefully people will take from the show that your body is your outer shell and it’s what’s inside that counts,

“I hope people will remember that negative comments even if you brush them off at first do stick with you and hopefully just remember next time that we’re all people with feelings, and there are a lot worse things to be than fat.”

Hollie also revealed that she’s recently dipped her toe into the world of acting.

She said: “I’ve just been in a film with Brian Blessed, that’s out next year, when I opened the script I burst out laughing when I saw the character’s name was ‘fat attractive prostitute’. It’s a medieval film, it can make people feel uncomfortable, but it’s an adjective, it’s just like saying ‘thin’, the film is called The Rebellion.”