Plans have been submitted for a former Ruthin night club to be converted into self storage units.

A proposal to convert the former Venue night club into self storage units has been received by Denbighshire planners.

The Venue was popular with  music lovers and was a fixture of Denbighshire's night life, but it ceased operating as a night club a number of years ago and the current planning application suggests it is unlikely it will ever return to its former use.

Don Jackson-Wyatt a Denbighshire Free Press photographer remembers the club well, he said: “I worked there in around 1997/1998 behind the bar.  It was the main nightclub to go to in the area and was always very busy. I made good friends working there and was introduced to my future wife in 2003 on a night out there.”

He added: “The legendary '50p nights' were always packed full of people in there  - £10 to get in, then all drinks were 50p and if I recall correctly, that happened once a month.  My very first memory of the Venue was when the rock band I first played in, Inertia, took to the stage on an under 18's night, which was a memorable experience.”

Ruthin councillor Bobby Feeley said: “I can remember it from years ago, when I was first on the council we spent a lot of time talking about it. I remember it being a not very well received night club and there were a lot of complaints from local residents about noise and anti-social behaviour when people left the club in the early hours of the morning. It was an unwelcome intrusion into people’s peace.

“But that was before the owners gave it a complete facelift and turned it into something smart and swish, After that people stopped complaining about it.

“But it has been closed for a number of years and nothing has replaced it.”   

The story generated interest on the Denbighshire Free Press Facebook page and among the postings were: Michelle Macdonald who stated: “Good memories there....foam nights, famous DJ's, asking the regular DJ for Shania Twain's ‘that don’t impress me much'  meeting my partner of 17 years, getting thrown out, the list is endless. Bad memories: loosing my camera (or having it stolen from the toilets) which had all the photos of the birth of my daughter, and those toilet floors ...bleugh and sweat dripping off the ceiling.”

Dawny Price said: “I think they should keep it, but some it needs to make it good again, no young ones want to go there anymore ... As for us we feel too old lol x”

Rebekah Woodcraft: “Loved it when was I younger was always busy and used to have to queue to get in most weekends.”

Karen Jenkins: “I met my husband there 19 years ago.”

Chris Jones: “Lots of good memories.”

Martin Monday-Jones: “Sweat and condensation dripping from the ceiling! Vile but a good night.”