Boxing Day hunts have been a custom for as long as men and women on horseback have chased foxes and once again Denbigh followed in the proud tradition.

The annual Christmas appearance of the Denbigh Hunt and Hounds has combined with the town’s barrel-rolling competition to provide a fine pageant, one developed by the town’s Rotary Club over many years.

This year, in crisp cold sunshine, following a parade of more 30 or more vintage tractors, the hunt trotted into the High Street.

More than 50 members, wearing hunting pink, black or tweed jackets, showed off their self-consciously proud mounts, who were impeccably presented with manes knotted and harnesses shining.

Ahead of them the pack of hounds compulsively sniffed every interesting scent, but still remained obedient to their Mater of Foxhound’s commands.

They milled around, chatted with the good humoured crowd, not a protester in sight.

After a stirrup cup of mulled wine – apparently non-alcoholic – the riders cantered off after the call of the Master’s horn – not to gallop over muddy fields, bound over hedges and across ditches, but back to their horse boxes bound for their stables.

When they left the High Street, Rotary Club volunteers set to work with brooms and shovels to ensure the street was clear for the barrel rolling.

Photos: Don Jackson-Wyatt