EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Family searching for baby emu missing near Bala


Geoff Abbott

A FAMILY is asking for help to search for a missing emu chick.

The three-month old male chick called Zig escaped from its pen near Bala on Monday with his sister Z.

Patrick Wright, was given the birds hatched from eggs bought on eBay as for his 57th birthday from his wife Lindsey

Zag was sound in a neighbour's garden, but Zig has yet to find his way home.

The family live in Llangywer on the edge of Snowdonia National Park in dense forest.


(Video courtesy of Geoff Abbott)

Peter said: "I couldn't believe it when I received two bright green eggs through the post and just under two months later out popped Zig and Zag," said Mr wright, who lives on a smallholding in Llangywer forest.

"On closer inspection they turned out to be a boy and a girl and hopefully we would have had some youngsters but all our hopes have been dashed.

"They escaped on Monday afternoon and we searched and searched but couldn't find them.

"Next day the neighbour drove up and said I've got a big chicken in the back of my car and of course it was one of the missing emus that he'd found in his garden.

"He called his wife and said come and look, come and look, there's something really odd out here.

"We've been going out mornings, afternoons and evenings and our children have both been helping us.

"When we stop Megan sticks her head through the sun roof, she's our eye in the sky.

"The emus have been hand reared and are very tame so they might struggle to survive in the wild.

"We're just worried about foxes and badgers because they are very friendly and tame.

"At the moment they are two feet tall but when they're older they will grow to six feet and will be able to look after themselves," he said.

The family live on the edge of Snowdonia National Park in dense forest and hope visitors to the area will keep an eye out for missing Zig.

Emus are a native species of Australia and are the second largest bird in the world after the ostrich.

They have powerful legs which they use to scratch for a variety of plants and insects and can run up to 30mph.

Words and pictures by Geoff Abbott

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