Council gives man, 70, bodycam after assault


Josh Morris

A man who gives hours of his time to his town is being forced to wear a body cam after being roughed up by yobs at work.

Ernie Martin, 70, is vice chairman of the Denbigh Safety Group and vice chairman of Tidy Towns Denbigh and was assaulted last Monday evening while he locked up the multi-story car park.

North Wales Police say they are aware of the incident.

Ernie said: "I've been doing this for 8 years, but I've now been given a bodycam by the council.

"I've given a statement to my employers up in Rhyl and one to the Council as well.

"We've got a rough idea who they are, it's been all over Facebook. They're scumbags causing trouble for no reason. I turned 70 recently, you don't need all that agro.

"I was shaken up and was on my way to pay darts in the pub. When I got there they said 'What's up Ern? You look white as a sheet', I said I feel it. You don't expect that sort of thing. I was okay, but i've had four heart attacks, so it's bound to shake me up."

Ernie says he has no intention of giving up his work just yet, but believes somethign must be done about anti-social behaviour in the town.

"I'm the caretaker of car park, I was locking up and these lads came in running up and down. They were avoiding me, running about,” he continued.

"I asked them to leave as they messed about and eventually after a while they did leave.

"They were waiting on the car park by the gate way. They were sitting the other side of it,

"I aid they're a bunch of wimps, and one of them came right up to me, right in my face.

"Then another came up on my left got hold of my collar and pushed me down and said 'I've just saved you from a beating mate."

"It's horrendous sometimes. I've even been chased by a quad bike round there before now.

"I do a lot for the town with the Carnival, Denbigh In Bloom and Tidy Towns, but I don't need people causing trouble, they're just yobs with nothing better to do."

County Councillor for Denbigh Lower, Mark Young said: "We should have zero tolerance for this type of behaviour, it's not behaviour we accept in Denbigh.

"You've got to have respect for your elders in any civilised society.

"I'd expect parents to know where their kids are when they go out. It's quite shocking to hear about it.

"I would say the majority of youngsters in Denbigh are well behaved but it's behaviour we can't accept, especially for someone who's older and I'd urge anyone to come forward if they know anything.

"It's not judge all youngsters doing this but the ones that did this need to come forward and apologise

"The police can't do it all on their own and we need that car park to be better lit and we need everyone to feel safe there, it's not always a great place to park in the winter

"The answer isn't bodycams, people need to treat other people with respect."

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