Llangollan woman wants 50 brave brides to go ‘abveiling’ for Harry


Josh Morris

A bridal shop owner is hoping to raise £3,000 for her niece’s sick son by persuading 50 brides to abseil down a 55 foot cliff wearing veils.

Joy Denton, 56, runs Fairytale Dresses in Llangollen. Her niece’s son Harry suffers with several severe conditions which result in almost weekly trips by ambulance to hospital.

Joy is trying to raise money to fund a live-in nurse to help her niece and her husband cope with Harry’s multiple conditions.

“Harry’s going to be two-years-old this month but his mum and dad have had no help from anybody; no care package, nothing.

“They’ve had to pay for everything themselves so they’ve been raising money.

“I’ve volunteered to do this abseil, I’m absolutely petrified.

“I’m just trying to get the word out there at the moment. I’m hoping to get 50 people to do it with me and so far I’ve got 10 brides who’ve said they’d join me.” 

Harry Charlesworth has cerebral palsy, global development delay, severe reflux which has meant he needs to be tube fed, as well as a visual impairment 

All of these conditions were caused by numerous strokes during labour which means mum and dad, Hayley and Andrew Charlesworth, have to be on hand round the clock to look after him.

Joy’s plan is to get as many brides and brides-to-be together to abseil down Trefor Rocks Quarry, near Llangollen, on June 25. Non-brides are also welcome to take part as long as they are over eight years old.

She said: “I’ve got the bridal shop in Llangollen so I’ve asked a few brides if they’ll do it while wearing veils.

“I really want to help Harry and his mum and dad.

“I’m hoping to raise about £3,000 but if we got 50 people and they got £50 each, I’d be over the moon, but we just want to raise whatever we can to help out.

“Anywhere near that I’d be over the moon 

“The next thing Harry’s mum and dad want to do is to get a nurse in for two nights a week so they can get a bit of sleep, that’s about £1,000 a month.

“He’s got very bad sleep apnea and could get a lung infection through that.

“He’s in and out of hospital a lot. He’s been tube fed since birth, which is so upsetting, he can’t have a bit of chocolate or anything like that.

“The tube goes into his stomach but it works loose, so he has to have it refitted. He’s in and out of hospital weekly.

“He can’t communicate when there’s something wrong either; on Christmas day they had to call the ambulance at tea time and if they hadn’t the paramedics I don’t know what would’ve happened.” 

You can find out more about Harry and the Helping Harry Trust by visiting helpingharrytrust.com

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