Boy racers are making life hell for Ruthin residents


Staff reporter (Denbighshire Free)

A Town’s mayor says drivers who race on Denbighshire roads need to “grow up”.

Cars have been heard revving engines and racing up and down roads near Ruthin until nearly 2am on recent nights.

The mayor of Ruthin Cllr Geraint Woolford met with Police to discuss the problem last week.

“We just need them to grow up. I thought once they seized cars last time that’d be the end but it hasn’t put a stop to it, they don’t seem to care.

“I met with the inspector last week but I don’t know what more can be done to be honest. They’ve done a fair bit, they’ve issued notices, seized cars and done regular patrols.

“If there was a time of day that it was each time it’d be easier, it can be the early evaning or 2am, but police can’t be waiting around 24 hours a day.

“There’s work ongoing in relation to it between North Wales Police and Denbighshire County Council and they’re looking at possible solutions but it’ll take a bit of time.

“But we’d ask for locals to make sure they report them to the Police so that a pattern of behaviour can be built up.

“The police need to have the evidence. Plenty of people put it on Facebook but nobody can be bothered to call the Police about it.”

Town councillor Anne Roberts said: “I can hear them from my house and you can hear them in town. The other night they were troublesome from around 7.30pm onwards.

“I went to bed and I could hear they were still at it, and that’s with the doors and windows closed

“There were a couple of cars out there, they were obviously racing, down Lon Fawr by the rugby club, they were using it as a race track but you’ve got to do a proper job to catch them.

“The county council have blocked one of the entrances to the car park where they congregate.

“We’ll be sending a message out by seizing a car, the police could do that. They have done so in the past, which does send out that message that it won’t be tolerated.

“I’ve spoken to local police, but it’s been ongoing for quite a while and they’ll be having fun each night while it’s lighter.

“There’s a lot of new drivers, it’s not the older ones that have grown up. Once they’ve passed their test they’re out there. If they’re racing up and down we need to catch them.”

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