Tremerchion Beautician enters cut-throat world of international competition


Josh Morris

Sledging, off-putting jokes and restless crowds with opponents bottling it before even making it to the competition.

It might be par for the course at Twickenham or the Crucible but it might not be what you expect in the world of competitive beatury treatments.

Tremerchion beautician Jessikah Falshaw, 19, made it through to the final 8 of the British Skil ls Championship last year, backing up her second in the Welsh Skills Championship with another second place.

Jessikah is entering again this year and hopes to get through to the world championships in Germany later this year.

“When I heard I came second, well, i thought i’d done well andyou never expect to do as well as others so I was shocked and happy really,” said Jessikah.

“There were a lot of people to compete against and I can’t believe I did so well. The atmosphere was really intense , the judges are in your face and there are hundreds there watching and they’re all commenting in the crowd

“There was a bit of sledging going on as well, you try not to laugh. It’s crazy really, you have your tutors and each person just staring at you trying to put you off, but I’m quite good at being in my own world.

“Nobody properly lost it, they were all like me, just in their own world but a few got a bit distracted and weren’t so focussed, we didn’t talk to each other much!

“I didn’t really look at anyone else, but there were a few that didn’t turn up.”

Jessikah currently rents a room at House of Hair and Beauty in Ruthin as well as working as a mobile beautician.

She says she never thought she’d be competing like this whens eh started her beauty therapy course.

“With the Welsh championships there were fourteen others. For the nationals there were five heats and eighteen in mine, then I got into the top eight, so there must’ve been around a hundred competitors.

“It was exciting and to get there was nerve wracking but the one coming up later this year, the level three skills competition it’ll be in Birmingham and then Germany if I get through.

“It’s really fun, I enjoy, it wasn’t what I expected to be doing in beauty therapy.

“I’ve taken all the chances I can to get all I can out of the courses and I’m doing fairly well so far it seems, I started the level 2 course about a year and a half ago.”

“I started the level 2 course a year and a half ago, I’m working in a salon in Ruthin, I’m mobile and I rent a room as well.”

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