Denbighshire County Councillor leaves Conservative party


Josh Morris

A Denbighshire county councillor has left the Conservative party to represent his ward as an independent.

Councillor for Llanbedr DC and Llangynhafal, Huw Williams says the Welsh Conservatives based in Cardiff are “out of touch” with members and associations in North Wales.

“I don’t want to cause any trouble, it was all very amicable, but there are lots of reasons really,” Cllr Williams said.

“Our policy was to not close schools and there were cabinet members voting to close schools. Our policy was not to put council tax up and I was the only Conservative member who didn’t vote to raise it. I feel it’s a job to follow party politics when the members in the party don’t practice what they preach. The Welsh party are quite out of touch with what goes on outside Cardiff.

“There are other reasons, but I feel Cardiff’s ruling the nest but they probably haven’t visited North Wales and they don’t know what the local association members want.

“The party in Wales, Cardiff especially, the higher-ups are out of touch with the members on the ground.

As things stand, the Welsh Conservatives are the biggest group within Denbighshire County Council, with 15 councillors. The Cabinet as well needs changing. It’s not healthy to keep it the same, it needs changing so the elected members are running the council, not the officers.”

Group leader for the Welsh Conservatives on Denbighshire County Council, Martyn Holland said: “I was very disapointed to see Cllr Williams leave the Conservative group, he has been a member or five years and was obviously elected as a Welsh Conservative member but sadly, and it’s nothing to do with the Conservative group on the county council, he has decided to resign from the Conservative Party over the issue with the Parliamentary election, that’s all I really know.”

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