Helen Leahy, the Cynwyd woman who wowed the judges on The Voice of Germany with her distinctive baritone voice has said the competition has opened new opportunities to showcase her music.

Helen bowed out of the competition on Thursday in the sing-off stage where she sang Massive Attack’s Teardrop in a boxing ring alongside another competitor.

Having baffled and impressed the judges in the first round in equal measure, her audition video was shared thousands of times in Germany. But having never expected to get this far in the first place, Helen says it’s done wonders for her work.

Helen said: “If I’d stopped every time I was told I wouldn’t be able to do something, I wouldn’t have got where I am here. You can’t become an astronaut with no talent, but if you know you can do something, just go for it.

“We performed Teardrop by Massive Attack, it’s a really cool song to listen to, but not one I sing well, because of the wispy nature of the vocal. I did my own version, but it did well for my partner

“The concept of singing as a battle I found it a bit difficult, music isn’t fighting, it’s two worlds apart, and singing in a ring was a bit odd.

“Working together with someone else was the best bit, creating and doing things, it didn’t feel like a battle but it’s something that the kids want to see As the evening progressed, it was a matter of relief when it was over, the pressure was immense.

“I had a feeling from the get go it would be my time, it’s called The Voice and they’re looking for people to do something commercial with, and that isn’t always me, but we did a really cool job together and it’ll be around forever online as a piece of work.”

Helen says despite the disappointment of getting knocked out of the competition, she’s glad she entered.

“Would I do it again? I don’t think I’d do The Voice of Germany again, but I’d love to do Eurovision,” she said.

“I love what it stands for and with the state the worlds in, people fighting and arguing. Even if you come home with nul points you get so many cheers, I’d love to go for it.

“I’m also hoping to come home to tour the UK in the new year.

“To those who are thinking about going on something like The Voice, even if you’re alternative or different, is I went there to get more well known and that’s happened,

“My inbox has exploded, and it’s almost a way of getting yourself out there. I didn’t expect to get as far as I did, I was hoping to get to the blind auditions, and even then if nobody turned round people would hear me.

“What I do is such a niche thing, but i’m convinved the music I’m doing can be commercially successful but you really have to bash the doors down.”