IT is undoubtedly true that Llyn Brenig has a micro-climate all of its own making and one can almost dismiss the weather forecasters when it comes to predicting the weather on this moorland lake, writes seasonal ranger JIM JENKINS.

Last week did bring with it a fair amount of rain and, at times, strong winds, particularly on Sunday, but amongst all the autumnal weather we did see glimpses of some glorious weather as there were some beautiful interludes when the sun decided to grace us with its presence.

There is, however, a reason why a dam was built here and that reason is that we do get plenty of wet weather, so it was hardly a surprise last week to see the clouds sweeping in across the lake and the rain lashing down upon its shores.

The lake continues to fish well with a rod average of 3.4 fish per angler, which is slightly down on the previous two weeks, but is still good for this time of year.

Once again, we seem to be seeing some nice big fish coming nearer to the surface looking for food.

Regular fisherman Norman Davies, from Bala, can testify to this when he hooked what he thought to be a ‘double figure’ fish, which, when inches from the landing net, slipped the hook and made its escape into the depths of water sports bay.

J Taylor, from Warrington, had rather more luck when he managed to land the biggest fish of the week, a whopping 6lbs 8ozs rainbow, which he returned safely to the lake.

This was the second week in a row that a fisherman from Warrington caught the biggest fish of the week.

I suggest that anyone reading this from Warrington should buy a lottery ticket!

Talking of the lottery, the fortunes of a fisherman can vary considerably and it is very much in the lap of the fishing gods as to whether one has a successful day or not.

Rhodri Wynne, from Henllan, recorded the biggest bag of the week, which weighed in at 15lbs 2ozs for six fish caught.

There will be a shortage of natural food sources at this time of year so the fish are looking for any source of food and that meant that one or two lucky fishermen had some good sport by latching on to the food slick that was coming from the fishing nets whilst they were being cleaned.

The slick was heading towards sailing club bay, which attracted the fish and the fishermen alike.

Hot spots for boat fishermen last week tended to be Hafod Lom, the coves, tower bay and the dam wall.

Bank fishermen enjoyed success in tower bay, Hafod Lom and Nant Glyn shore.

There were also fish found in the Brenig Arm.

The top flies have been hoppers, daddy long legs, damsel, viva, cormorant, diawl bach, black fritz and various blobs and boobies.

Pike week begins on November 1, after which a limited number of boats will be kept on the lake for fishing throughout the rest of the year.

Winter rates and rules will apply from November onwards until the stocking season begins again next March.

The main gates will be shutting at 6.15pm this week and all boats need to be back on the jetty by 5.30pm.

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