A FORMER British semi-professional boxing champion is set to make a sensational return to the ring at an upcoming show.

Owen Gallagher, a St Asaph resident and trainer at Denbigh Boxing Club, has long been regarded as one of the hardest hitters anywhere in the region and he has now set his sights on further honours after deciding to come out of retirement.

The 35-year-old initially walked away from the sport following a serious neck injury, but after extensive rehabilitation and receiving the “green light” from wife Kim he will now square off against Liam Cawley in a heavyweight bout at Craig Winter’s The Heat is On show at Lyons Robin Hood camp in Rhyl on Saturday, November 25.

Gallagher, said: “Well basically I’m doing it because I miss it. My neck injury is easing off. I’m doing well in sparring with active boxers when I’m not even training properly and to be honest I feel like the whole scene is missing a bit of class and quality which I will bring.

“I knock people clean out and that’s what punters pay to see. I expect a spectacular knockout on November 25. I’ll be boxing as Heavyweight on this show but I’m heading to cruiserweight to fight for British titles.

“I’m the only two weight class Welsh champion in the BBU and I’m going to be the first two time British champion and in three different weight classes too. I’m coming out of retirement with an injury to dare to be great.”

Gallagher has enjoyed an enormous amount of success as part of the British Boxing Union under the guidance of Winter, which has seen him claim Welsh and British titles and also achieve a memorable victory over Shaun Williams in-front of his hometown support at a landmark event held at Denbigh Town Hall.

Winter added: “I’m excited to have Owen Gallagher back in the ring, we thought his career was over after a neck injury but he’s rehabilitated and ready to go. I can’t wait to see him back in there.”

The promoter added that he is also hoping to get Owen’s twin brother Nathan a British title opportunity on the same bill after a number of impressive performances, although nothing has been confirmed at this stage.