AN OSCAR Wilde adaption explores the space between online world and reality and how they blur together in our everyday lives.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Theatr Clwyd production is set in a profile picture-obsessed, filter-fixated world in which influencer Dorian Gray makes a deal - for his social stardom to never fade and the perfect-self he broadcasts to always remain.

But as his mental health starts to decline and corruption and murderous depravity start to creep into his world, the true and horrific cost of his deal will soon need to be met.

Directed by Theatr Clwyd’s artistic director Tamara Harvey and written by Henry Filloux-Bennett, the show brings Wilde’s Faustian tale kicking and screaming into a world of Instagram, Facebook and dating apps.

It takes place from March 16-31. Tickets start at £12. Book at via