HE’S PLAYED Darth Vader and a White Walker in Game of Thrones, but Spencer Wilding can still be blindsided by a role.

The prolific actor was stunned to find upon his first day of shooting summer blockbuster Men In Black: International that he would be inhabiting the character of towering, feather faced alien.

However, it’s not the daunting task of embodying a hulking extra terrestrial that gave the former kickboxing champ and undefeated pro-boxer pause - rather the revelation of finding out that the character is named after Corleone family enforcer Luca Brasi in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather.

Spencer, 46, said: “I knew I was in a speaking role as an alien with an English accent, but on the first day on set I was behind the scenes I was asked by the team “How do you feel about playing an alien called Luca Brasi?”

I was absolutely buzzing. I’ve seen The Godfather so many times, it’s such an honour to be given a character with that name.”

While Mr Brasi doesn’t fare so well in the 1972 film, the same can’t be said for “The boy from Rhyl who did good” Spencer.

His role in the film, which hit the cinemas earlier this month, sees him act alongside Aussie megastar and Avenger Chris Hemsworth as well as Tessa Thompson and Rebecca Ferguson, in a variety of locations including Morocco, the Isle of Ischia in Italy and Leavesden Studios.

To bring Luca Brasi to life, the motion capture and special effects veteran was required to wear reflective markers on his face, while computer animates brought the character to life.

Spencer added: “Working with Chris Hemsworth was awesome, he’s such a sweetheart and such a good dad who spent a lot of his time with his children on set.

“99 percent of the work I do involves me wearing makeup or working with CGI, but it was strange for me to work with only my face.

“Luca might be bigger and stronger, but I’ve played massive aliens before in Doctor Who and Killowog in the The Green Lantern, so I was able to get into a space where it wasn’t me anymore, but Luca.

“I’m a bit of a sensitive soul myself, but I’ve played Darth Vader before, and he is the baddest boy out there, so I loved it.”

More than working with Hollywood A-Listers, the most rewarding thing for the actor however is the continued proof that anything is possible.

Spencer said: “It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid and when Tony Scott Lee suggested acting to me, a light bulb went off in my head.

“But I’m dyslexic, I couldn’t read or write until I was 32 and I was one of those kids who got left behind in school at the time. When I went for my first audition for the role of Tommy in Snatch, my dreams were almost crushed when I failed to get the part after the crew realised I couldn’t read.

“But a few years later I got my first role in Harry potter as werewolf, and now I’m sailing past the Isle of Ischia and I have so much gratitude that I get to make movie magic.

“I’m proof that if you turn your life into a classroom, and take everything you can get, anyone - from Rhyl or anywhere else - can achieve anything.”

Not one to rest on his laurels, Spencer will now continue making movie magic with several, top secret projects in the pipeline.