A farmer has been banned from Denbighshire pubs for a year after a court heard how a man needed five stitches and was concussed by a punch to the face.

Magistrates at Llandudno were told it had been an unprovoked attack on a man who didn’t see the punch coming and had no chance to defend himself. The victim was kept in overnight at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, had a severe black eye, and suffered “horrific” headaches following the assault at a Denbigh pub last summer.

James Neary, prosecuting, said a music festival was being held in the area and a “hen” party had also been out. Mr Neary said a friend of the victim had spoken to someone with the hen group before the attack.

The sound of the blow was described as “harrowing” by a witness. The man was off work for three weeks.

Arwyn Jones, aged 41, of Nantglyn Road, Denbigh, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm. He must do 120 hours unpaid work, stay out of Denbighshire pubs for a year and pay £500 compensation and £170 costs.

The prosecution said Jones told police he woke up at home with a bad head.

Defence solicitor John Owens said :”He’s very ashamed and very remorseful to be in court. It’s a very difficult event to explain.” Jones hadn’t been near a pub since August.

The defendant had been out with two friends and momentarily lost control. The victim was a stranger.

A probation officer said Jones recalled a woman crying but couldn’t give a proper reason for the offence.