A WOMAN ran up to a cousin brandishing a knife and threatening to kill her.

At the time Karen Paula Jones was “out of control” on drugs, a court heard.

Jones had denied making a threat to kill and a trial was due to be held.

But she admitted an alternative charge of affray, together with threatening her victim with the blade.

Jones, 35, of Garth, near Llangollen, made the threat towards her second cousin Dawn Pritchard after a chance meeting in Rose Hill, Brynteg, on November 2, She was jailed for 13 months.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said told Mold Crown Court there appeared to have been some form of family feud, the rights or wrongs of which did not concern him.

Unfortunately, as she was walking along, Jones went up behind her in a foul temper.

“You were not thinking straight. Plainly you had taken drugs,” the judge told her.

She was on her way to get more drugs, had armed herself with a knife and went up behind her shouting and screaming that she was going to kill her.

“You said you were going to stab her,” Judge Rowlands said.

The victim saw a blade protruding from between her finger and thumb and the remainder of the knife was up her sleeve.

Jones raised her arm up and said she had “nothing to lose” as her victim backed off.

But then Jones changed her mind and left.

“It would have been a terrifying for her, “ the judge said. “It has had a profound effect upon her.”

Jones, he said, was out with a blade in a public place under the influence of drugs which was possession of a knife in dangerous circumstances.

“It is a frightening prospect, someone not in full control of themselves armed with a weapon such as this,” he said.

Judge Rowlands warned: “Anyone who takes a knife out in our community particularly when not fully in control of themselves, must expect immediate custodial sentences.

“Not only did you do that but you used the knife to threaten another.”

A three year restraining order not to approach the victim was made and the judge told Jones that she had a bad record for violence over the years and he hoped now that she was in her 30s that she would have the good sense to stay away from trouble.

Barrister Karl Scholz, prosecuting, said the victim, 28, was the defendant’s second cousin.

Ms Pritchard had head phones on and did not initially hear Jones approach but she heard her scream at her that she would kill her.

She thought Jones was going to strike her as she shouted “I will f…… stab you” and the victim could see the blade being held between her finger and thumb.

Jones shouted “I will f….. shank you” and the victim feared she would be killed.

Jones appeared hysterical and under the influence of drugs – but then as the victim backed away the defendant suddenly stopped – as if she realised the enormity of what she was doing. Jones turned and left and got into a car.

The court heard Jones, who had previous convictions for 53 offences, had been in custody on remand since.

Henry Hills, defending, said at the time Jones was clearly in an emotional state and under the influence of drugs. Jones accepted that she was the aggressor.

The two women had previously been on friendly terms and the incident was unplanned.

It was totally spontaneous when she saw the woman walking along, said Mr Hills.

Jones had an emotionally unstable personality disorder arising out of post-traumatic stress disorder.

She had been the subject of serious domestic violence in the past.

The court heard Jones had spent her time in custody constructively, she had certificates and was regarded as someone who was helpful and supportive to her peers in Styal Prison in Cheshire.

Mr Hills said she would have a home and a job on her release for her mother who was supportive was part owner of a taxi business.