A solution to unpleasant odours at a Bodelwyddan factory has been slammed for asking residents to trade the smell and for an eyesore

The Real Petfood Company (TRPC) – which manufactures pet food snacks at its £6 million site on Kinmel Park, after relocating from Flint last year – has been confirmed £300,000 plans for two 40 metre chimneys to try an tackle the aromas of baking pet food.

Cllr Richard Mainon, of Bodelwyddan ward, said: "The discharge from the factory is overpowering to the point where it gets into the mouth and it feels like you are being forced to consume (TRPC) products.

"The extent of the visual impact is most disappointing. It won't just affect Bodelwyddan, but much of the coast. The chimneys will be visible from as far away as Prestatyn.

"The company are forcing us to make a trade off between the smell or visual impact."

The proposed solution, pending planning approval, will involve the erection of two new, 40 meter chimneys to release odours at a suitable height and speed.

Cllr Mainon responded: "Having waited this amount of time, I’m disappointed that this is the calibre of their solution. It’s the Real Petfood Company’s problem, they should eliminate it at source using Bio Filter technology rather than 40 metre chimneys.

"While a 40m high chimney to alleviate the problem is potentially a lot cheaper than the Bio Filters, that would remove all of the residue, due to the volume of discharge they would need constant cleaning, maintenance and regular replacement all at significant cost."

The Journal reported last month of councillors on the planning committee unanimously rejecting a proposal at the site for the erection of new offices until the odour is addressed.

The odour nuisance is believed to have arisen at the former Hotpoint site, which employs 70, due to a new conveyor system, that has replaced manual handling but caused a heavy cloud of baking residue - especially on the days that cat treats are baked.

The firm received no complaints in nine years operating at the Flint site.

Graham Wheeler, the company’s founder and managing director, said: “It was unexpected to experience problems here as we never did in Flint - it may be due to the topography or particular weather conditions in this locality.

“Whatever the reason, we are determined to find a long-term solution as we take our responsibility to the local community very seriously and residents can be assured that we are fully focussed on meeting this challenge.”

Cllr Maibon added: "I believe the submission that we have been waiting almost a year for will be with us for consideration imminently. I had hoped to have a solution in place before April when residents would want to and are perfectly entitled to open their windows and use their gardens. This now seems unlikely."