AN AWARD-winning hotel for pets has opened new suites for cats – with a range of luxuries.

The four luxury cat suites at The Pet Joint, situated on Cwm Y Rhinwedd Farm in Denbigh, feature under-floor heating, split levels for cats to jump around on, mini-Chesterfield sofas, rugs, moonlight-imitating lighting, double-glazed and fully insulated windows, outside enclosures with views of the valley and the sea, as well as Fellaway pheromone air spray to calm the feline guests if they feel nervous when entering the suites.

The Pet Joint’s owner, Steve Belgrau, said: “We have a lot of expertise in pet care and, based on our research, we believe the suites will provide the most luxurious accommodation for cats in the area.”

Cats will also situated away from the dog suites so that there is no risk of any unwelcome encounters.

Mr Belgrau has degree-level qualifications in animal behaviour and welfare and pet first aid.

He has also taught animal care at Reaseheath College in Nantwich, Cheshire and worked as a rehoming officer for feral cats.

The Pet Joint, meanwhile, has earned top accolades, including silver at the national Dog-Friendly Awards and runner-up at the Conwy Business Awards in 2017.

Mr Belgrau concluded: “We’re very excited about our luxury cat suites and want to replicate what we have achieved so far with our new guests.”

The new suites for cats are set to open on April 15.