A Ruthin resident believes he has come up with a solution to solve the county's superfast broadband issue.

A community based solution to the issue has been developed by 19-year-old Alasdair (Hamish) Sennett who believes his wifi service will provide the community with a cheaper and more reliable internet connection.

The former Ysgol Gellifor student and founder of The Knight Group Ruthin, said the system would involve setting up a master aerial in an area - on a store or pub - and then smaller ones on hoses. They would talk to each other and provide the wireless system.

Hamish is currently working to get funding for the project, currently in talks with the Denbighshire County Council (DCC) and Ruthin Town Council, amongst other groups.

He said: "Wifi is in high demand. Currently if you purchase internet for work purposes it can be two or three times more expensive than if you are using it at home.

"I am trying to bridge that gap, you don't need a different pay scale, how they use their internet is up to them."

The wifi, which will be rolled out in the Denbighshire area before anywhere else will also be available in rural areas and sections internet service is hard to get or expensive.

Hamish said: "It is wireless so even if you are half way up the side of a hill the service will get there with ease and you wouldn't have to wait for BT to install it."

The installation time will be quick as well, to limit the sitting around waiting to get connection.

The 19-year-old is hoping to have the scheme available in 80 days but has already received interest in the product.

He said: "I have already had a whole lot of responses. There are some areas who are suffering lack of fibre broadband or have been waiting a long time for BT."

While the service was still in the early stages Hamish said there was a large opportunity for growth moving forward and already had one eye on the horizon with a number of projects in the pipelines for expansion.

For more information contact Hamish on 01824 709847 or 07565 331767. Alternatively email sales@theknightgroup.biz.