BRIDGE repairs were completed at the Cae Dai 50s Museum last Saturday after a number of planks were ripped from its deck by a group of young vandals last week.

The bridge, which was funded by musuem owner Sparrow Harrison to enable the public to use the land surrounding the museum, cost around £2,000 to build.

Sparrow Harrison has said: “I encourage kids to come and play as I think it’s great that people get out to the countryside.

"We've all done silly things when we were younger but it's important kids don't get away with it so that they know it's wrong."

Materials for the bridge were provided by local residents Paul Pendlebury, Geoff Phillips and Mark Lowe.

Mr Harrison said: "I would like to thank Paul, Geoff and Mark for helping to rebuild the bridge."

Craig Winter, head coach at Denbigh Boxing Club who helped organise the repairing of the bridge, said: "The parents of the individuals responsible will be informed so it should be dealt with in the best way possible.

"The boxing club will be helping the groundskeeping staff monitor the area from now on."