DENBIGH residents looking to reduce their use of plastic may have found an unlikely saviour in a nigh forgotten tradition.

JB Dairies, a fresh milk delivery service, has experienced a recent rise in interest from a section of the Denbigh community looking to find alternatives to plastic use.

The Kimnel Bay business, established in 2006, set up social media for the first time on Sunday, May 6 and woke to 40 new calls the following day. The company has since received over 50 enquiries for doorstep deliveries.

Jay Craig, owner of JB Dairies, said: “We’re very excited that glass bottled milk could offer a solution to the use of plastic.

“When we first started we were delivering 11,000 bottles a week; now we are delivering three-and-a-half thousand. This could help turn the business around.

“The problems with plastic use, such as polluting the ocean, are becoming well-known.

“Glass bottles can be reused over 20 times and can therefore provide a great alternative to plastic.”

Glenn Swingler, town councillor for Denbigh Upper/Henllan, who has helped raise the profile of the doorstep delivery service, said: “As a supporter of reducing single-use plastics I thought this would be a great way to try and do my bit. JB Dairies’ page didn’t mention delivering to Denbigh so I contacted them and had my delivery booked.”

Cllr Swingler then took to social media to raise awareness that JB Dairies would be providing doorstep deliveries to Denbigh and surrounding areas on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Cllr Swingler said: “It is fantastic that so many local residents in Denbigh, Henllan and surrounding areas have signed up and I hope many more people do the same.”

Jan Pike, founder of Denbigh Plastic Free, a support group for individuals, groups and businesses looking to reduce their use of plastic, said: “This is something that has been discussed within the group and been adopted by quite a few members, Glenn being one of them.

“As well as cutting down on plastic use, milk bottle delivery uses local firms which is good for the local economy as well as the environment.

“Also, the social aspect of the milkman calling is good for the community, especially the elderly and disabled.”

For more information on JB Dairies doorstep deliveries contact by phone on 01745 350100 or via their Facebook page.