A CORWEN man’s wedding ring was found in a real treasure hunt after Rhos-on-Sea’s pirates’ weekend

The ring, owned by Aled Morrow-Powell, had been lost in Captain Morgan’s orchard, and a real hunter was mobilised to find the treasure.

Chris Burrows, who had been the health and safety manager to the pirates’ weekend said: “On the Monday morning after the event I was asked to help find the wedding ring which had been lost in an orchard at the back of the pub in Rhos-on-Sea.” He said the orchard had been temporarily renamed for the event.

“I had been given a metal detector a little while ago and I was looking for a reason to use it and this was the perfect opportunity. I found the ring within 10 minutes of starting. But I had been given a treasure map by the Aled. It wasn’t exactly an X marks the spot map, but it did help me narrow down the area.”

He added: “Aled was very grateful to have the ring back, and his wife Rosie was overjoyed. She had been very upset at the loss as they were recently married.”