Smoke pouring from an oil rig for almost 24 hours has caused complaints across the coast.

Concerns have been raised by residents from Colwyn Bay to Prestatyn after billowing smoke was spotted on horizon near offshore wind turbines on Sunday at about 1pm.

Video and images by Geoff Abbott

The fumes appear to be emanating from the nearby Douglas Complex oil rig, operated by Italian firm Eni.

An eyewitness from Prestatyn said: "It looked as though the wind turbine might have been on fire, but you can actually see the boats around the rig and all off the pollution pouring out of the rig. "

One eyewitness from Colwyn Bay said: "I first saw it at about 1pm on Sunday, it wasn't that thick but there was a noticeable black smoke coming from the area - it was to catch my attention."

George Jones, from Gronant near Prestatyn said: "Our view is over the sea, so we're used to looking out. usually they do it at night, so it's harder to see but you can make out the flame quite clearly.

"What they're doing this time I don't know. there's a cloud about 800 to 1000 feet in the air heading towards us and we haven't been able to make out the flame since it started.

"It's absolutely disgusting, it's been going on from at least 6pm last night when there was a thick, acrid cloud heading towards Liverpool.

"It's still bellowing out smoke about every 15 minutes - I can't think what these fumes are doing to the environment over more than 17 hours.

Holyhead Coastguard have assured that there is nothing untoward at the site, and the smoke is just part of routine operations.