Councillors are expected to rubber stamp a farmer’s plans for extra income.

Members of the Conwy Council planning committee meeting on Wednesday will look at plans for a camping site on a farm near Llangernyw.

Last month councillors voted to approve the plans for the five camping cabins at the rural site. They went against the recommendations of planning officers meaning there had to be a cooling off period of a month before councillors could ratify their decision.

The application proposed the siting of five camping cabins over three areas of the site, with the first being adjacent to the junction off the B5384 and two other sites closer to the main house at the farm at at Cefn Ffynnon, Pandy Tudur, Llangernyw.

Three families live at the site and money generated from the project would supplement their farming income. But officers before last month’s planning meeting had recommended the plans be rejected.

They wrote in a report: “The application is contrary to Local Development Plan tourism policies which set a presumption against new tourism accommodation proposals in the Rural Strategy Area. There are no exceptional circumstances to justify and outweigh the harm caused by the conflict with the Council’s long term tourism development policies and to justify a departure from planning policy.”

Sara Thomas speaking in favour of her family’s application for permission at last month’s meeting said: “This proposal is essential to our family farm to give an income. In the past two years the farm has gone from supporting one family to supporting three. We are very keen to diversify to gain an additional income because the farm at the moment is not generating enough income to support us.

“There have been no local concerns or objections in fact you can see that we have the backing of the local community council as well as letters of support from neighbours and local businesses. Many people have expressed their dismay that we as a young rural family who want to work, contribute and stay in the local community are finding it so difficult to gain support for our proposal because of wording in the planning policy which is unclear.”

Councillors on the committee voted unanimously in favour of granting permission. At this week’s meeting they will be asked to confirm they are happy for the plans to go ahead.