A WORKSHOP run by a leading charity for research and policy analysis into health care will be held in Denbigh on Wednesday (August 1).

The Health Foundation (HF), which also runs improvement programmes to put ideas into practice in the NHS and amongst health care decision-makers, will be visiting HWB Dinbiych, in Denbigh as part of its UK-wide Young People’s Future Health Inquiry, an investigation into the health outcomes and challenges facing young people.

During the workshop, the HF team will sit down with 12 to 24-year-olds to find out what support they need to enter adulthood with the core building blocks for a healthy future.

Jo Bibby, director of health at HF said: “Young people today are facing pressures that are very different to those of previous generations. The initial findings from the Young People's Future Health Inquiry have demonstrated that many young people in the UK are not getting the support they need to make a smooth transition into adult life.

"This support is vital to securing the building blocks they need for a healthy future - namely a good home, fulfilling work and strong relationships.

“Our work in Denbighshire will provide some invaluable insight into the opportunities and challenges facing young people in North Wales and will help shape and inform the inquiry’s final recommendations, due in 2019.”

The inquiry, now in its second year, published a report last month warned that millennials are on track to become the first generation to have worse outcomes than their parents once they reach middle age. The report found that unstable employment, such as zero-hour contracts and overcrowded housing, such as rented house shares are most likely to negatively impact young people’s health outcomes.

The workshop is part of the HF’s additional research to explore these issues further, which will culminate in a series of policy recommendations in 2019.

The workshop will take place from 11am to 2.30pm. For more information, visit www.health.org.uk/FutureHealthInquiry