A PLIGHT of a Ruthin mum and her fiancé whose world was turned upside down over the course of a night has spurred a fundraising drive.

Last July Callum Percival, 25, went to A&E with pins and needles - the next day he was paralysed.

Callum, of Bagillt in Flintshire, had been suffering with backache. He woke up with pins and needles in his leg but still headed off to work. Over the course of the weekend, he began to feel worse and later, was unable to feel or control his legs.

Fiancée Alys Williams, 24, who used to work at the The Mill Childcare Centre in Ruthin, phoned the out of hours GP.

The couple were told to ring an ambulance, which arrived five hours later.

Alys and Callum, who have baby Henri aged 11-months, saw a doctor and Callum was sent for tests. The next day, the P&A fencing worker was told he had a malignant tumour on his spine.

Alys, who is originally from Ruthin but moved to Bagillt to live with Callum, said: "It was on Friday, July 20 that Callum woke up with pins and needles in his legs. He went to work but it got worse.

"I phoned the out of hours GP as it was a Sunday and they told us to ring an ambulance. They took us to Glan Clwyd Hospital where we waited to see a doctor. He had tests on the Sunday and by the Monday afternoon, we had the results. They said he had a tumour on his spine which was cancer.

"An ambulance took us to Walton so he could have emergency surgery to have the tumour removed.

"We have been in Walton ever since because he is paralysed as well now due to the tumour squeezing his spinal cord."

Alys, a former Ysgol Brynhyfryd pupil in Ruthin, has been staying in on site accommodation, which is run by the home from home charity in Walton.

"It has been such a weight off my mind," Alys said. "It was all a shock as he has been suffering from a bad back for seven months prior to this, but just put up with it as we thought it was muscular.

"Life has changed completely now. Callum is more than likely going to be in a wheelchair for the foreseeable future."

The couple have had some hope and remain positive; a week after surgery, Callum moved his leg slightly.

Alys and Callum have both been left very moved by kind-hearted supporters and the community.

The couple have been together for four-and-a-half years and engaged for three.

"The fundraising was out of the blue," she added.

"It means so much to us both that people care this much. It will help with me being able to visit him in Walton now I'm back home with Henri.

"Callum is getting on really well considering the circumstances and we are staying positive and have done throughout which has really helped us through.

"We've had such great support from everybody around us and I think that is reflected in the fundraising and all the messages of support we have received.

"It is very important to stay positive as there is a lot going on all at one time."

To donate, visit www.gofundme.com/help-alys-amp-callum