ALL our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them…

The words of Walt Disney have become a reality for a number of young people from Denbigh who have performed at Disneyland Paris.

The performing group made up of 29 young people aged six to 18 starred in a Disneyland musical theatre event on Friday, August 3.

The group, run by Jane's Studios, sister group of the Stage Coach Denbigh Performing Arts School, performed a series of songs from Les Miserable, Wicked, Shrek, Legally Blonde and Blood Brothers on the Videopolis, an auditorium designed around the theme of 'dreams of the future' and air exploration since the turn of the twentieth century.

Jane Heckman, principle of Jane’s Studios, said: “It was an amazing experience for the children to perform onstage in Disneyland.

“It was nerve-wracking, but we performed as one big family.

“It sounds strange but, seeing the kids onstage, I felt like a proud mother.”

Around 45 members of family also attended the event, travelling by car, on the Eurostar and by plane.

The group held a series of fundraisers to help with the trip’s costs, including a tombola at Morrisons in Denbigh.

Following their midday performance on Friday, the group were allowed to enjoy a free three-day pass and see all the wonders the Disney theme park has to offer.

The story didn't end there, however. Before their flight home the group encountered a piano at the Charles de Gaulle airport and, like any great musical, there is never a wrong time for a song. The group soon found they were surrounded by an audience taking pictures and videos of their performance.

Ms Heckman said: “The airport was a great experience for the children.

“They came across a piano and decided to perform a number of songs and were soon surrounded by people with their cameras.

“Because the group was wearing Disney T-shirts we were approached by a number of people asking where they are from and if they are Disney performers. I said, ‘no, they’re from Denbigh!’”

The group is now preparing for a performance at the Rhyl Pavilion later this year.