Plans for a 32,000 chicken egg farm have been given permission to go ahead.

An application for a free range egg production unit including silos and all associated works at Bronheulog, Bron Heulog Road, Llanfairtalhaiarn went before members of Conwy’s planning committee yesterday.

The building would form a long, linear structure, 140m long by 19.5m wide and would have a ridge height of 5.81m, and be situated next to two grain silos with a height of 6.68m.

It would house 32,000 birds, which would have direct access to dedicated pasture, fenced with 1.5m high netting to keep out predators.

The land surrounding the laying house would be divided into a series of paddocks which would be used for 6-8 weeks each to avoid poaching the ground and the build-up of parasites.

Planning officers recommended that councillors vote to approve permission for the enterprise.

Marl county councillor, Mike Priestley, said: “I’d like to support these proposals, I think we’re supporting local farmers, we’re supporting local produce. And obviously we all know where we want to get our eggs from.”

Uwchaled county councillor, Peter Lewis, also supported the application. He said: “I think the fact that we are only 60% sufficient in terms of home produced eggs and the requirement for free range eggs going forward means I would support this.”

Cllr Ifor Lloyd asked that condition that waste from the chickens should not be spread on land bordering the  village of Llanfartalharn, officers said they would require a revised manure management plan.

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of granting permission for the application.