A SUPERMARKET is set to relaunch after a year-and-a-half of construction work.

Morrisons, on Smithfield Road, Denbigh, has received two extensions at the front and back of the building that has allowed for the expansion of its café, a brand-new indoor garden centre and foyer, and a range of new facilities.

The store will hold a launch event on Thursday, October 25.

The 18-month extension project has been carried out by Novus Property Solutions and Morrisons Head Office following the submission of a planning application by the store’s manager, Dean Conway-Williams.

Mr Conway-Williams said: “The extension has been years in the making as Morrisons is looking to modernise many of its stores.

“The new and updated services on offer in Denbigh will add value to the customer experience."

The building work will be met with updated facilities such as a photo booth, coinstar machine that trades coins for a same-sum Morrisons voucher, Amazon lockers and a key cutting service.

Mr Conway-Williams added: “As well as new and updated services, we will be making cakes and pizzas in-house for the first time, and there will be an extended clothing range.

“Hopefully the extension will bring added footfall to the town.”