DENBIGH’s fireworks display was the best for the past 10 years.

The spectacular pyrotechnics are one of the events which put the town on the map.

Cllr Rhys Thomas, who serves on Denbigh town’s fireworks committee said: “I’ve seen the last 10 of Denbigh’s bonfire night displays and this was the best ever, the weather was perfect, it was dry and there was no wind.

“Everyone I spoke to had only praise for the show at the castle, everyone seemed happy. It has been acknowledged nationally as one of the best in Wales.

“I don’t know how much money was collected, the event is free but we collect what people want to give afterwards.

“I spent the whole evening at the display as one of the stewards, we needed 40 stewards this year because of more stringent health and safety standards. But thanks to the Rotary Club and other organisations we had enough people for the task.

The fireworks display is one of the things we do in Denbigh to raise the town’s profile and attract people here, like the Boxing Day barrel rolling and the Plum Festival. They put the town on the map and bring trade for local businesses.”

Cllr Mark Young and owner of the town’s chocolate shop, said: “Thanks to this great community partnership, Denbigh Town Council, Rotary, Round table, Rugby Club, Lockstock and all the emergency services for helping making this a safe and amazing night, one of the best ever.”