[CCTV footage provided by Kerry Lewis]

THIS is the moment an intruder in a terrifying Halloween mask broke into a beauty salon in Denbigh.

CCTV captured the burglar breaking into Allure Beauty Salon, which is owned by Kerry Lewis. Kerry had just returned from Maldives where she had been celebrating her and her partner's engagement.

Kerry, who has been left shocked and deeply upset, had to contact her clients and re-arrange appointments.

The 30-year-old who has partner Jason Nixon, also 30, said: "The police knocked on my door at 1.40am on the Thursday (November 1) morning to tell me that my salon had been broken into. Things had been smashed and broken which was very sad to see.

"My reaction to the cctv was very upsetting. It was heartbreaking to watch. I cried when I first watched it and saw the mess inside the salon.

"The door was kicked in and smashed, which is seen on the cctv.

"To see someone vandalise and break my property that I work so hard for is very heartless. Inside, equipment was pulled off each shelf behind the nail bar.

"My dell pc and monitor was pulled off the reception desk. It looked like this had been done with some force and had caused damage to everything on reception, every ornament/decor that I had bought to make the salon look pretty had been smashed.

"The monitor was smashed on the floor but the pc was taken."

Kerry had to cancel appointments for three employees and her other two self-employed staff had to cancel their clients too.

Kerry added: "Seeing the offender with a mask is scary, because until they are caught and admit their wrongs we will never know for sure who it is."

Repairs were carried out the same day, thanks to Pen-Y-Bryn Joinery.

Kerry was able to open later in the day, once the windows had been replaced.

Kerry has owned Allure for eight years.

"This has never happened before and I pray it never happens again," she said.

"I only came back from holiday in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"It was my first time off this year. I came home from a beautiful holiday to this horrific break-in.

"I hope they are caught very soon because the unknown - whether this will re-occur - is very concerning. Not only to myself but neighbouring businesses, it is very saddening.

"Jason has been incredible with helping, making sure my salon is secure, so I could get back to business straight away."

Anyone with information is asked to telephone North Wales Police on 101.