A MUM-of-three has decided to help people in need of warmth this Christmas by setting up a winter clothing rail.

Katy Wilson, from Ruthin, has set up the drop-in winter clothing rail in which poorer and homeless people are able to pick up free items such as coats, scarves, hats and gloves as and when they need them.

Mrs Wilson has teamed up with Castle Bell Newsagents who provided the rail, and Siop Nain on Well Street who will host it underneath their shop canopy and look after the items, donated by the Ruthin community, during the night and bad weather.

Mrs Wilson came up with the idea after seeing similar clothing rails benefit communities elsewhere and felt there was no reason why Ruthin could not do the same.

She said: “A lot of areas are doing this, so I thought, ‘why can’t Ruthin?’

“I know there are people that are sofa surfing or are homeless that would benefit from it.

“Winter is cold and it can be a difficult time for many families. There are also many people struggling with the changes around Universal Credit.

“People with money, without money, or who are homeless can come and get what they need.”

Mrs Wilson, originally from Llangollen, said she was surprised by how quickly the idea took off, posting on social media Monday, November 26 and hearing a response “within seconds”.

“I posted on Facebook and within seconds someone said they’d had the same idea only a few days ago and would like to get involved.

“I’m very surprised by how quickly it has happened.

“Many people have been in touch offering coats, but also gloves, hats and scarves."

Mrs Wilson has asked Ruthin Food Bank to direct any of its users to the clothing rail.

She added: “I’m sure most people have an old coat lying around that they wouldn’t mind donating!"

To find out more or to donate, contact Katy Wilson by calling 01352 707289. Alternatively, drop off your donated items at Siop Nain.