VICTIMS of domestic abuse have been given a voice of solidarity from police during the Christmas period when they can be most vulnerable.

Christmas is a special time when families hope to enjoy each other's company, however incidents of domestic abuse against women and men increase over the festive period.

Domestic abuse happens all year round, and while research indicates there is a strong link between alcohol consumption and domestic violence, reasons can also include the pressures associated with the holidays and the psychological effects of past memories at an emotional time.

North Wales Police is looking to remind the public that however abuse occurs, it is rarely reduced or ends without the intervention of specialists who can help victims and their families, and perpetrators who recognise they need support to change.

Detective chief inspector Jason Devonport said: “We focus efforts equally on supporting victims as on pursuing perpetrators. We will not tolerate offenders who are subject of court orders or police based conditions breaching or ignoring those orders.

“We want perpetrators who are currently subject to any domestic abuse related conditions to be aware that throughout the Christmas and New Year we will ensure any breaches are dealt with swiftly and put those people in front of the courts.”

These tactics form part of North Wales Police Operation Aegis which focuses on those most vulnerable and targeting the perpetrators.

DCI Devonport added: “We encourage the public and victims to help us by reporting incidents when they occur. Our officers will deal with offenders robustly.

“We have specialist Domestic Abuse Officers who understand the complex aspects and impact of domestic abuse. They listen and understand victims’ natural concerns; they advise and if necessary, allay any fears around interventions, which may involve other agencies which also have expertise."

“You can contact us on our website, or via your local police station or dial 101 in non-emergency situations. If you or your children are in immediate danger, dial 999. Your safety is always our priority.

“If you are a male or female victim of domestic abuse and need support or wish to discuss your situation you can also call the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 80 10 800, where DA Specialists not connected with the police will be able to assist and advise you.”