IT'S that time of year when we vow to get our health back on track.

Losing weight and getting healthy are two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but despite good intentions, only a small percentage of us reach our goals.

For a good month leading up to Christmas and New Year, all willpower and focus goes out the window and over-indulgence creeps in.

Before we know it, we have gained weight, lost motivation and lost our fitness.

Making a resolution is the great first step, but to succeed you need a detailed blueprint, some positive thinking, and a stick-to-it mindset.

A lasting change means the accumulation of small positive steps.

Here’s how to reach success this coming year:

Have a plan

Work out what you want to achieve and stick to a routine that fits in with your daily / weekly plan. Choose a fitness regime that you like and ensure you make it a hobby.

See the bigger picture

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t think you will get fit and lose weight quickly.

Look at the long-term benefits and find something you enjoy and stick with a plan of action.

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Be specific with your goals

You need to specify what you actually want to achieve, for example I want to lose two stone over six months or I want to achieve 10,000 steps a day.

Outline your plan and follow it through.

Be accountable

You need to look at your nutrition and be honest with what you are eating. I encourage people to use MyFitnessPal and get them to stick within a daily calorie goal. Nutrition is a great building block for weight loss, weight gain and achieving all fitness needs.

Look after your health

Try and get a good seven-to-eight hours sleep a night. Try meditation for relaxation purposes. Dim the lights and stay off your phone an hour before bed time. Sleep deprivation can be a major cause in not losing any weight.

Monitor your progress

Sometimes its great to see how far you have come, monitoring your progress in the form of measurements, weight, before-after photos and fitness testing. All of these can determine if you are on the right path to reaching your personal goals.

Goals reached

Once you have reached your set goals, set yourself a new challenge and keep the motivation and enthusiasm going by striving for the next challenge.

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