ARE you sure your tyre tread meets the 20p test?

Defective tyres, lights and exhausts were amongst the traffic offences reported by North Wales Police during a road operation in Denbigh in response to recent serious and fatal crashes in the area.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit and Special Constabulary stopped and spoke to several motorists in the town on Saturday (January 5) night.

From 8pm, officers carried out vehicle and driver checks and several traffic offence reports were given for defective lights, exhausts and tyres, as well as tickets for illegal number plates.

Breath tests and roadside drug tests were also administered.

PC John Hewitt, of the Roads Policing Department, said: “We hope that the weekend’s operation will send a message to other motorists in the area and beyond. It was disappointing to find so many issues in the vehicles we checked but this is why we carry out operations like this, to identify issues, make sure they are resolved, and remind drivers of their responsibilities.

“It is important that motorists are made aware of the potential consequences of having defective vehicles. All vehicles should be roadworthy and comply with the law. This is not just for the drivers’ safety but also for that of other road users."

North Wales Police focuses on the ‘Fatal 5’ offences: speeding, drink and drug driving, dangerous driving including unnecessary risk taking, failing to wear a seat belt and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Mr Hewitt urged all drivers to ensure their vehicles are in good working order and to carry out the necessary checks on tyres and lights, adding: “Tragically the area has seen recent fatal and serious collisions and our heartfelt sympathies go out to all families and friends of those involved. These collisions have a huge effect on the wider community and that is why we are so passionate about road safety. Initiatives such as this are all part of our ongoing commitment to keeping the roads safe for all and we will continue to take action against those who commit offences on our roads.

“The officers involved in Saturday’s operation received positive feedback from local residents who were very supportive of our actions. Further checks will be carried out in the near future.”

If you have concerns or information regarding individuals who are believed to be committing a ‘Fatal 5’ offence whilst driving, contact officers on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.