MINDFULNESS is being practised by pupils in Denbigh to help cope with the everyday stresses of life.

Both Myddelton College and Myddelton Prep School have begun delivering mindfulness lessons to pupils from year five to sixth form.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Tomos Ayers and Seren Roberts working through a guided practice for Mindfulness. Picture: Don Jackson-Wyatt, DJW280119

A calm cafe has also been launched; pupils enjoy a cup of tea on Thursday evenings and take part in mindful crafts, activities and in guided mindful practice.

Katie Gresley-Jones, year six class teacher, said: "It is a special time in the week where they can focus on being present. Last month, pupils made their own stress balls to take home. I am very interested in the impact of mindfulness of pupils in Key Stage Two and I am currently completing a research project on the benefits of the MiSP Paws b curriculum as part of a MA."

Denbighshire Free Press:

Samuel Duke-Williams telling his story with the class for National Story Telling Week. Picture: Don Jackson-Wyatt, DJW280119

Miss Gresley-Jones and Jo Davies, from the senior school, have been trained by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Last month, Myddelton Preparatory School celebrated National Story Telling Day.

"We believe that stories can have tremendous power," Miss Gresley-Jones added.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Aimee Tramaseur of Year 6 planning her story in class. Picture: Don Jackson-Wyatt, DJW280119

"We have dedicated a large proportion of our timetable to reading. Guided reading is taught through texts linked to our termly topics, a class novel is read to pupils at the end of each day and we will soon be implementing accelerated reader across the whole of the school.

"For National Story Telling Day, year six put the books down and focused on the art of story-telling.

"The students began by planning their stories using story maps before using these maps to tell their stories to others.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Oliver Woods of Year 6 planning his story as part of National Story Telling Week. Picture: Don Jackson-Wyatt, DJW280119

"It was fabulous to see how engaged the students were in this. They have awesome imaginations.

"We hope to continue the buzz that we have created for National Story Telling week into the future by incorporating story telling into their Learning Through the Outdoors sessions. Pupils will then be given the opportunity to write their stories and submit them to the BBC’s 500 words competition."