A CYNWYD homeowner has threatened to pull down a retaining wall for the village's main road because he is fed up with what he says is the council's failure to fix flooding in the area.

Mark Evans, 31, bought his first home in the centre of the village in September 2015.

It lies on the western side of the B4401 which connects Cynwyd and Llandrillo to Corwen.

Since moving into the house Mr Evans said he has had ongoing disagreements with Denbighshire County Council (DCC).

Mr Evans said that water running off the council maintained road has damaged his house and led to the collapse of one of the outer walls at his property.

He feels that the council should carry out remedial work to the retaining wall to stop the flooding as he says county councils do in neighbouring areas.

During this time, Mr Evans has sought to get the council to fix the problem he feels they are responsible for.

But he has not been satisfied with their response and has threatened drastic action to come up with his own remedy.

He said: "It's shocking to me that Denbighshire County Council can act in this way. I know they're cash strapped but it's not acceptable. I've been in touch with the council since early 2016 and they keep on passing the buck from pillar to post and nobody has got a real answer for me.

"They're not happy for me to pull the wall down. Every representative of the council say I can't pull it down but they say it's not their responsibility and its mine.

"In my understanding if its my wall I can pull it down.

"The council has admitted there is an issue with the surface water off the road causing the property to flood."

A spokesman for DCC said: “We have been involved in discussions with the property owner in relation to the water that enters his property and sympathise with them about their predicament.

“We have investigated and cannot find the source of the water. Similar checks have been carried out by other organisations and have come to the same conclusion.

“We do not own the wall next to the property from where the water seems to be entering the property, therefore unfortunately there is little else we can do to help."