VOLUNTEERS building a railway link between two Denbighshire Towns say they need £10,000 to finally complete their project.

Ten miles of the Llangollen steam railway line between the Town and Corwen has been rebuilt since work began 45 years ago, costing a total of approximately £1m.

A platform has been created at the end, however, a gap remains in the embankment between the new station in Corwen and the rest of the line.

The aim is to now fill the gap so that steam trains can begin travelling down the full length of the track.

George Jones of the railway’s Corwen project, said: “The response from our supporters has been very encouraging, with a total of £6,000 being donated to our Gap Infill appeal.

“The project for the terminal is costing around £1m, of which an approximate £600k has been down to the work of volunteers.

“We want to complete the line in 2019 - hopefully in time for the summer season but estimating a date is a bit difficult at the moment given the amount of work to do to infill the gap, connect up the rails and finish off the platform.

“Having the train arrived in Corwen during the summer is a target - having invested so much time, effort and money in the project it is nearly pay back time and the station needs to earn its keep.

“Attracting people to join the train at Corwen is essential and the town will benefit from the additional visitors too.”

The project to build the Corwen station started in 2015 after trains were brought to the temporary Dwyrain Corwen East platform in October 2014. The temporary platform is now closed and dismantled with trains currently terminating at Carrog,

The extension from Carrog towards Corwen started on the ground in January 2012, constructing a further two miles of new track which opened in October 2014.

The project required the embankment to be re engineered to widen it, allowing for the loop line and the island platform to be built. An estimated 40,000 pavers are required to help finish the platform.

Plans are also in place to erect eight renovated antique columns to support a canopy after the Corwen station has opened and the temporary ticket office and waiting room is now being fitted out by station staff.