A Denbighshire brick worker who was banned from an Abergele woman’s home, admitted in court that he had punched a hole in her bedroom door “in temper.”

Mathew Ridyard, 21, was fined £100 for breaching a domestic violence protection order when he visited the home of Abigail Joyce at Belgrano, Abergele, on Friday night, at first, he said, taking her dog for a walk.

“I accept being at the house but deny I verbally abused or assaulted her,” he said at a weekend court at Llandudno.

“I admit I went to the house but I had nowhere to stay.” He said they had been in a pub at Rhyl together the previous night.

Fining him at the civil hearing, magistrates announced that the month long order, which ends on March 26, had been breached on his own admission.

At a hearing immediately afterwards he pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the door but not guilty to assaulting Abigail Joyce. Ridyard, who works for a Denbigh brick company, will be tried on April 24.

His solicitor Chris Dawson said : “He simply denies there was any assault.

"Bail was granted on condition he does not contact Abigail Joyce nor enter the street where she lives.

Ridyard said he would stay at his father’s address at Kinmel Bay, then with friends