COMMUTERS using a rural road near Denbigh have criticised their council for years of delay to repair neglected potholes that are causing “serious” danger to motorists and cyclists.

One driver who has used the A543 between Groes and Gwanynog, about one mile west of Denbigh, daily for more than two years said the potholes are on a blind corner and have worsened over the last six months to the extent that they could prove fatal to a cyclist riding over them.

Two placards were anonymously posted to a speed camera near the potholes on March 11, saying any crashes would be at the fault of Denbighshire County Council. They have since been removed.

Denbighshire Free Press:

The potholes lead up to the blind bend on the A543 heading westbound from Gwanynog to Groes, one mile west of Denbigh. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Issey Mitchell, who has lived between Groes and Bylchau for four years, said the road, which is busy with commuters and tourists, was temporarily repaired by the council two years ago but it was a botched job.

She said: “I drive along the road every day and I've frequently seen cars driving on the wrong side of the road, on a blind corner, in order to avoid the numerous deep pot holes.

“It's a busy road not only for locals, but tourists too, as it links up with the Evo Triangle.

“There have already been too many fatalities on the A543 and Denbigh County Council must fix this to avoid further accidents by making the road safer to use.”

Ms Mitchell said the temporarily filling has “made the road worse because there are humps in the road now”.

She added: “They have gotten even worse recently since the wind farm traffic to Brenig. I have made complaints to the council but heard nothing back.”

Paul Smith, who has lived in Denbigh all of his life, said he has nearly crashed on the stretch of road which “needs repairing now before someone is killed”.

“I’ve never seen this patch of road so bad, and I can imagine it is causing damage to vehicles because the potholes are deep,” he said.

“Other drivers have reverted to going on the opposite side of road to miss them; unfortunately this is dangerous because this patch of road is on a bad corner.

“There have been near misses and I’ve had near misses on that corner on many occasions.

“I think personally if something is not done soon there will be a serious accident, or maybe a fatality.

“This piece of road has been temporary patched so many times, it is a complete waste of public money.

“It needs repairing now before someone is killed.”

Denbighshire Free Press:

Commuters said they have fears for the life of a cyclist riding over the potholes unaware. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Elen Roberts, who uses the road four days a week, said: “The potholes are very dangerous, numerous times I have had to drive in the middle of road to avoid them. As it’s on a bend this is very dangerous, obviously I know they’re there and slow down for them.

“But for tourists or someone that does not know the area then they could hit them without knowing they are there. I believe that if a biker was to hit the potholes that it would be fatal.

“I contacted the council two weeks ago and I haven’t even had a reply.

“I think they are ignoring the issue. Numerous people have complained and yet they still do nothing. They are spending money on roads that don’t even need doing.

“I worry that it will cause and accident, it’s only then I think the council will act.”

A spokesperson for Denbighshire council said: “This section of road was identified as needing resurfacing in the 2018/19 programme but closer inspection revealed that it would be beneficial to re-shape the road profile so that future drainage is improved. This has required a survey which has caused delays in getting the scheme done and in the meantime the surface has deteriorated faster than we would have hoped.

“It is our intention to get to site at the earliest opportunity but at the moment we do not have a date as to when this might be so until we can carry out the substantive work we will continue to keep the area in as safe a condition as possible.”