Ruthin primestock sale - April 2

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 54 prime lambs to 312.5ppk; 1,941 prime hoggets to 266.7ppk / £118 and 352 cull ewes and rams to £120.00.

New season lambs (auctioneer - Elfor Morris):

The good start in the lambs section continued with a very good trade throughout, with new buyers in attendance.

More to come weekly.

Top priced per kilo: 348.7 by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro; 342.9 by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro; 336.6 by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro.

Top priced per head: £142.00 by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg; £140.00 by J S Davies, Derwen Deg; £140.00 by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro.

Light to 312.5 Average 312.5; Standard to 348.7 Average 283.4; Medium to 336.6 Average 290.8; Heavy to 308.7 Average 308.7; Overall Average 287.8; SQQ 287.3.

Old season lambs (auctioneer - Elfor Morris):

A good entry and an excellent trade.

A large number of lots exceeded £100.

Top priced per kilo: 266.7 by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa; 247.2 by M H Owens & Co, Glan Tre; 246.2 by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa.

Top priced per head: £118.00 by M H Owens & Co, Glan Tre; £114.00 by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa; £112.00 by M & H Roberts, Bryn Glas.

Light to 187.5 Average 188.0; Standard to 200.0 Average 213.4; Medium to 246.2 Average 213.0; Heavy to 217.0 Average 199.8; Overweight to 216.5 Average 176.7; Overall Average 207.4; SQQ 212.8.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

Another excellent trade on the ewes.

Top priced rams / ewes: £146.00 by E O & H E Jones, Rhydeidion; Blue Faced ram to £146.00; Texel ewes to £140.00; Mule ewes to £72.00; Charolais rams to £90.00; Suffolk ewe to £132.00; Welsh rams to £48.00; Welsh ewes to £74.00; Overall Ewes / Rams Average £62.83.


Top priced per kilo 247.0 by H J & F J Williams, Maes Gadfa; Top priced £1,302.45 by T Edwards, Brithdir; Overall average 240.4.

OTM: Limousin cows to 137ppk.

St Asaph livestock market - March 30

OLD season lambs (62):

Super Light to 148.00p/kg; Light ave 188.93p/kg to 209.00p/kg; Standard ave 199.48p/kg to 203.00p/kg; Medium ave 189.38p/kg to 193.00p/kg.

Old ewes (29):

Ewes to £79.00, ave £52.21.

Couples (98):

Speckle Faced Doubles to £118; X Bred Doubles to £140; Mule Doubles to £120, Singles to £140; Welsh Doubles to £130, Singles to £110; Texel Doubles to £140, Singles to £138.

Mold primestock sale - April 1

ANOTHER decent entry of beef was forward, but demand is continuing to outstrip supply resulting in a flying trade, at the same level as the previous week.

More cattle are needed each week to meet a ringful of keen buyers.

Trade is currently well ahead of deadweight prices.

Cull cows trade increased further on the previous week to sell at very high levels as shown by the top prices and averages.

Again, more are needed each week to satisfy demand.

Buyers are starting to request spring lambs.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 220p (1398.92); Top 20 Beef 216.20 (1332.76)

Prime cattle (105 entries - 51 hfrs, 36 strs, 18 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 216 (1328.40), Av 198.86; Medium Continental Heifers to 228, Av 207.71; Light Continental Heifers to 230, Av 204; Heavy Native Heifers to 186, Av 185; Medium Native Heifers to 191, Av 174.60; Light Native Heifers to 172, Av 162.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 225 (1459.35), Av 216; Medium Continental Steers to 222, Av 212.50; Light Continental Steers to 204, Av 195; Heavy Native Steers to 194 (1251.30), Av 189.50; Medium Native Steers to 196, Av 191; Light Native Steer to 187, Av 187; Heavy Friesian Steers to 183 (1190.40), Av 183; Medium Friesian Steers to 186, Av 184.50.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 205 (1465.75), Av 197.50; Medium Continental Bulls to 212, Av 204.25; Light Continental Bulls 177, Av 177; Medium Native Bulls to 176, Av 176; Light Native Bulls to 178, Av 178; Light Friesian Bulls to 170, Av 130.11.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 197 (1221.40), Av 185.25; Medium Continental Heifers to 208, Av 202; Medium Native Heifers to 183, Av 183; Light Native Heifers to 150, Av 150.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 204 (1346.40), Av 190; Medium Friesian Steers to 143, Av 139.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 173 (1116.50), Av 156.40; Heavy Native Heifers to 156 (1107.60), Av 155.50; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 147 (978), Av 133.50.

Steers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 145 (1073), Av 145; Heavy Friesian Steers to 143 (1019.25), Av 137.33.

Cull cows (61 entries - 44 dairy, 17 beef): Young BR cows to 166 (1079); Lim cow to 160 (1116.50); BA cow to 154 (936); BR cow to 146 (1014.70); Overall beef cow av 126.90; Mont cow to 147 (940.80); HF cow to 125 (961); Ho cow to 124 (929.50); Fr cow to 124 (923.80); BF cow to 124 (978); BH cow to 124 (911.40); Flec to 121; Top 10 Dairy cows Av 124.20 (928.92); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 118.95 (849.21); Overall dairy cow av 107.40.

Cull bulls (3 entries): Here to 110 (1050.50); BF to 90.

Hoggets: Standard to 210, Av 204.30; Medium to 207, Av 205.40; Heavy to 200, Av 182; Sqq 204.90.

Ruthin store and breeding sale - March 28

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 203 store cattle to £1,340.00; 80 calves to £470.00; three OTM cattle to £832.00; 120 ewe and lamb couples (277 head) to £195; 113 store lambs to £85 and 51 pet lambs to £17.

Calves (auctioneer - Dafydd Parry):

The biggest entry to date, with a lot of customers collecting around the main ring.

Topping the prices were two calves, a 2 month Limousin and a 1 month Charolais, both eventually selling for £470.

Of the Limousin entries, as well as the top price, a 2 month old Limousin heifer achieved £405, followed closely by a 7 week old bull at £400.

There was a large entry of Brit Blue calves also in keen demand, with a 1 month old bull achieving £320 and a heifer for £290.

Younger British Blue calves were topping at £220 for a 2 week old.

Hereford x calves sold for £120 for a 2 week old and a consignment of younger Hereford x calves sold for £70.

There was also a consignment of Aberdeen Angus x calves with a bull calf selling £160.

Another large entry of Friesian bull calves sold to £65.00.

Demand and entries remain strong.

Store cattle (auctioneers - Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

Over 200 cattle were on show, comprising of entries of strong forward cattle to younger cattle, with both sections seeing a very similar trade, if not brisker, than the previous week.

Heifers: 20m Limousin to £1,270.00 by T L Griffiths, Tan Tryfan; 22m Limousin to £1,215.00; 19m Limousin to £1,190.00; 15m Limousin to £1,095.00; 23m Simm x to £1,180.00; 21m Brit Blue to £1,155.00; 24m Brit Blue to £1,105.00; 12m Brit Blue to £1,095.00; 23m Blonde to £1,085.00; 23m Hol Fri to £890.00; 24m Brit Fri to £885.00.

Steers: 20m Limousin to £1,340.00 by E T Taylor, Gogor Ganol; 23m Limousin to £1,290.00; 19m Limousin to £1,220.00; 20m Brit Blue to £1,065.00; 24m Simmental to £1,015.00; 21m Welsh Black to £900.00; 22m Brit Fri to £995.00; 23m Brit Fri to £975.00; 27m Brit Fri to £950.00.

OTM: Limousin aged cow to £832.00.

Sheep section:

Store lambs (auctioneer - Richard Lloyd):

Fewer supplies as expected for the time of year.

Texel to £85.00; Cross Bred to £77.00; Welsh to £62.50.

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

Texel £156 (singles), £195 (twins); Mule £110 (singles), £170 (twins); Speckled £138 (twins); Suffolk £148 (singles), £118 (twins); Lleyn £174 (singles), £182 (twins); Welsh £92 (singles), £88 (twins); Cross Bred £102 (singles), £148 (twins).

Pet lambs: Selling to £17.

Llanrwst market - April 2

THERE were excellent seasonal entries in all sections for the time of year, with the best hoggs in demand and selling to 237ppk.

A small entry of cull ewes and rams met a flying trade with more needed to meet demand.

Hoggets (472):

S/lights (31) to 187p, av 177p; Lights (63) to 210p, av 190p; Standards (127) to 236p, av 204p; Mediums (172) to 237p, av 208p; Heavy (61) to 205p, av 190p; Overs (18) to 170p, av 165p.

Ewes / rams (95):

Welsh to £50; Xbred to £96; Rams to £95.

Beef (10):

Limx bullocks to 205p; Limx hfrs to 205p; Chx hfrs to 200p; Herx hfrs to 170p.

St Asaph livestock market - March 28

NEW season lambs (75):

There was a steady entry to start the lamb season, with a mixed show. The trade was excellent throughout, especially for the better quality. Lambs within the speck weight range were very dear.

Top price Light 311p/kg shown by R J & M D Evans, Pontfaen and £84/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard 313p/kg shown by I A & J A Thomas, Penlan and £122/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium 320p/kg shown by G Jones, Plas Yr Esgob and £128/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Heavy 267p/kg shown by I M Roberts, Ty Mawr and £123/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 276.23.

Light ave 249.01p/kg to 311p/kg to £84/hd; Standard ave 276.04p/kg to 313p/kg to £122/hd; Medium ave 280.34p/kg to 320p/kg to £128/hd; Heavy ave 234.51p/kg to 267p/kg to £123/hd.

Old season lambs (1,994):

A good seasonal entry were in strong demand throughout the weight ranges, but especially for the better end continental crosses.

Top price Light 225p/kg shown by E L Evans, Tyn y Ffridd and £72/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard 277p/kg shown by E H Williams, Bryn Betws and £108/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium 263p/kg shown by F R Jones, Graig and £115/head shown by G Owen, Glanrafon.

Top price Heavy 229p/kg shown by F R Jones and £110/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Overweight 228p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £126/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 211.88.

Super Light ave 159.09p/kg to £35/hd; Light ave 202.08p/kg to 225p/kg to £72/hd; Standard ave 211.21p/kg to 277p/kg to £108/hd; Medium ave 212.85p/kg to 263p/kg to £115/hd; Heavy ave 191.85p/kg to 229p/kg to £110/hd; Overweight ave 178.18p/kg to 228p/kg to £126/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (564):

A smaller entry of ewes were a lot sharper, especially the plainer lean end.

Best Continental were up to £120, Welsh to £54, mules to £99 and tups to £152.

Ewes to £120, ave £62.31; Rams to £152, ave £78.32.

Beef cattle (5):

A good trade on the beef with steers selling to 200p/kg and heifers to 195p/kg from E G Wynne, Bronydd.

Steers (4): Med ave 191.77p/kg to 195p/kg to £1,072.50/hd; Heavy to 200p/kg to £1,240.00/hd.

Heifers (1): Heavy to 190p/kg to £997.50/hd.

Mold stock sale - March 29

THERE was a bumper entry of 535 stores and stirks.

Plenty of buyers ringside resulted in a solid trade throughout with demand for all types.

A stronger entry of 130 calves met good demand, again with more buyers ringside.

All quality in the dairy section with 15 forward.

Store Cattle (370 entries):

Steers: Lim (21m) to 1165; BR (22m) to 1150; Char (20m) to 1130; SIM (22m) to 1080; BSH (22m) to 1030; AA (19m) to 1010; Here (18m) to 955; BF (24m) to 940; Monty (21m) to 930; HF (21m) to 880.

Heifers: BB (21m) to 1065; Lim (22m) to 1000; CHAR (20m) to 980; AA (12m) to 940; Sim (23m) to 900; HER (22m) to 890.

Stirks (165 entries):

Steers: CHAR (8m) to 835; Lim (12m) to 795; BB (12m) to 770; SIM (12m) to 750; AA (12m) to 720; HF (12m) to 555; HER (3m) to 360; BF (3m) to 345.

Heifers: Lim (12m) to 790; BR (12m) to 740; SIM (12m) to 700; WB (15m) to 665; Char (8m) to 640; AA (12m) to 630.

Dairy (15 entries):

Heifers: HF Cvd hfr to 1840, others to 1800, 1780, 1750.

Cows: HF Cvd Cow (2nd) to 1650, others to 1600, 1550, 1400.

Calves (130 entries): BB bull to 310; LIM bull to 265; Monty bull to 175; AA bull to 170; BF bull to 140; HF bull to 88; SIM hfr to 305; BB hfr to 295; BA hfr to 265; HER hfr to 205; LIM hfr to 200; AA hfr to 130.

Gaerwen sale - March 27

MORGAN Evans & Co report an entry of 170 old hoggets and 321 cull ewes and rams.

Old hoggets met a solid trade with Cull Ewes and Rams maintaining the recent buoyant trade.

Highest priced pen of lambs p/kilo: 

239ppk: G Hughes, Cwyrt, Llanerchymedd.

220ppk: G Hughes, Cwyrt, Llanerchymedd.

Highest priced pen of lambs:

£99: G Hughes, Cwyrt, Llanerchymedd.

£98: G Hughes, Cwyrt, Llanerchymedd.

Highest priced pen of hoggets p/kilo:

202ppk: Messrs Williams, Ysgubor Hen, Chwilog.

194ppk: R Aubrey, Plas Bach, Cefniwrch.

193ppk: J D F Jones, Tyn Y Gongl, Deiniolen.

Highest priced overall hoggets:

£92: O G & O Ll Hughes, Glangors, Llanbabo.

£90: O G & O Ll Hughes, Glangors, Llanbabo.

£87: S Ll Jones, Tyn yr Efail, Waunfawr, Caernarfon.

£87: W A Colin York, Llwyn Ewryd, Rhosgoch.

Highest priced overall pen of ewes:

£118: S Ll Jones, Tyn yr Efail, Waunfawr, Caernarfon.

£109: Messrs W J & H Thomas, Bryn Garth, Llanerchymedd.

£102: O G & O Ll Hughes, Glangors, Llanbabo.

£102: Messrs Evans, Bugeilys, Rhoshirwaun.

Highest priced rams:

£100: M E Williams, Penhwnllys Mawr, Llangoed.

£95: R Hughes, Glanrafon, Malltraeth.

£85: G Williams, Clogwyn, Newborough.

Market prices:

Lambs (2): Medium to 220ppk; Heavy to 239ppk.

Hoggets (170): Superlight to 167ppk, av 167ppk; Light to 193ppk, av 188ppk; Standard to 194ppk, av 188ppk; Medium to 202ppk, av 192ppk; Heavy to 176ppk, av 170ppk; Overs to 161ppk, av 147ppk.

Ewes (314): Heavy Ewes to £118, av £87; Light Ewes to £40, av £27.

Rams (7): Selling to £100, av £71.

Bryncir market - April 3


Cull cows: Dairy sired (5) ave 99.2p/kg; Beef sired (19) ave 134.3p/kg; All cull cows ave 127.0p/kg.


Old season lambs: Light (21) ave 169.2p/kg; Standard (15) ave 171.9p/kg; Medium (15) ave 192.1p/kg; Heavy (9) ave 188.3p/kg; SQQ 176.7.

Total cull ewes (115): Ave £63.00/hd.

Gaerwen sale - April 1

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 90 ewe and lamb couples selling to a flying trade.

Excellent show of couples were forward with plenty of demand for all types, with numerous buyers present.

Single couples sold to £83 a life and double couples to £77 a life.

Highest priced single couples:

£166: H F Owen, Glanrafon, Llanedwen.

£164: H F Owen, Glanrafon, Llanedwen.

£160: G Williams, Clogwyn, Newborough.

Highest priced double couples:

£232: G M Edwards, Caer Goll, Llandrygan.

£226: G M Edwards, Caer Goll, Llandrygan.

£222: G M Edwards, Caer Goll, Llandrygan.

Market prices:

Single couples: Average £120; Texel to £166; X/Bred to £150; Mule to £146; Speckle to £71; Welsh Mountain to £61.

Double couples: Average £190; Texel to £232; X/Bred to £222; Blue Face to £208; Wiltshire to £180; Mule to £180; Welsh Mountain to £128.

Welshpool market - April 1

BARREN and cull cows (10):

Top price £1,139.20; Average 131.42ppkg.

Prime hoggets (4,582):

Top price £115.50; Average 211.83ppkg.

Cull ewes (2,432):

Top price £143 (ewes); Top Price £130 (rams); Average £63.60 (ewes); Average £80.62 (rams).

Store lambs (69):

Top price £90; Average £69.94.


Top price £217; Average £112.34.


Top price £27 Average: £13.66.

Barren and cull cows: (10)

OTM cattle saw a top price of £1,121.80 (142ppkg) for a Limousin x OTM weighing in at 790kg from JD Evans & Son, Lake Farm.

Mr Evans also made 142ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 546kg making £775.32.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1139.20 (160ppkg) for a Limousin x weighing 712kg from CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall.

JD Evans & Son, Lake Farm made 136ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 635kg making £863.60.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (6): 132.53ppkg / £881.13.

Cows 48-72 months (4): 129.7ppkg / £837.85.

Overall average: 131.42ppkg.

Prime lambs:

A small entry of spring lambs sold to a much strong trade and returned an overall average of 276.28ppkg.

They sold to a top price of 292ppkg (37kg - £108) from Messrs Roberts, Y Ddol.

Trade should remain strong in the lead up to Easter.

Prime hoggets:

A larger entry of hoggets forward sold to a very strong trade to return an average of 211.83ppkg, with a top price of 244ppkg for hoggets weighing 45kg making £110 from TE Rowlands a'i Fab, Tyddyn Ddu, and £115.50/head for 74.5kg hoggets from RA Davies, Llwynderw.

Much larger numbers of hoggets forward, especially feeding hoggets sold to an excellent trade throughout with price increases for all weights and grades.

As in recent weeks, the best demand was for the middle weight and leaner meated types which found strong competitive bidding all through.

Also in good demand were the best quality, best shaped hoggets with plenty of these selling to £100 per head and above.

Heavy weight hoggets, of which there were a lot more on offer, sold to a much improved trade than in recent weeks.

Very few light weight hoggs entered, with these again selling between 195ppkg to 225ppkg.

Lights (261) to 222ppkg from AH Jones, Cerrig Y Brain and JH Morris, Brynaber. Others to 216ppkg from W Beamond, Cwmcarnedd. Average of 199.63ppkg.

Standards (733) to 224ppkg from G & H Jerman, Tynyrwtra. Others to 223ppkg from EW Jones & Co, Tytanyfoel. Average of 211.17ppkg.

Mediums (1602) to 244ppkg from TE Rowlands a'i Fab, Tyddyn Ddu. Others to 236ppkg from DW & L Jones, Arbennig. Average of 213.42ppkg.

Heavies (1102) to 229ppkg from IE & M Gittins & Sons, Lower Ucheldre. Others to 218ppkg from GJ & DM Breeze, Red House. Average of 197.25ppkg.

Cull sheep:

A slightly increased entry of 2,432 were present, which once again sold to a strong trade throughout.

The average of £64 was down £6 on the week, but the ewes forward were not as strong as the previous week on average.

Welsh ewes were once again the best sold ewes on the day with the best reaching £76 and the best Dolgellau type Welsh ewes selling for £57.

Overfat and the smallest leanest ewes were slightly harder work on the week.

WT Davies & Co, Canllefaes Uchaf once again presented a terrific run of Texel ewes with the best selling for £143, and others in the run selling for £142 and £135.

There was a fantastic show of Texel ewes present, with many selling for over £115.

Suffolk x ewes sold to £100, Bluefaced ewes to £88, mules to £80, Cheviots to £69.50 and Welsh Hill Speckled face ewes to £66.

Rams sold to a strong trade once again averaging £80.62 with the best

selling for £130 from Evan Davies & Co, Red House.

Store lambs:

A smaller entry of 70 store hoggets sold at the sale with mixed and clean hoggs dominating at £80 for a pen of 14 Texels from HW Venables, Penygelli Farm.

Other mixed and clean hoggs also reaching £80 from the same home for a pen of seven Texels.

Tup lambs saw the maximum price paid at the sale of £90 for a Suffolk hogg from RG & JL Peate, Cwmderw, with others from the same home reaching £84 for a Welsh tup.

Wether hoggs saw a good price of £77 for a pen of Texels and theave hoggs saw a maximum price of £51.50 for a pen of Charollais from the home of JL & JER Davies, Ffinnant.

The overall average was £69.94.

Averages: Ewe Hoggs £45.06; Mixed and clean £75.73; Wether hoggs £61; Ram hoggs £70.50.


An increased entry of 250 couples were met again with a strong trade that peaked at £217 for three Suffolk x 3 and 4 year old ewes with twins from MJ Williams, Pontyperson, with others from the same home selling to £210.

Sarah Jones, Arbennig sold 4 year old Texel ewes with twins to £212 and £200.

D Faulkner presented a run of 25 Texel and Mule full mouth ewes with twins that sold to £172 and averaged £161.

The sale included a large number of hardy Welsh couples which saw trade between £55 and £60 for singles.

Most twins traded between £140 and £170, with singles generally £90 to £110.

Cade lambs:

A slightly smaller number of entries forward at the sale with a total of 65 cade lambs on offer.

The trade saw a higher overall average of £13.66 this week in comparison to the previous week due to the demand increasing with buyers travelling from all over.