SLIMMERS have raised more than £7,000 for cancer research by donating the clothes that no longer fit them.

The Ruthin, Denbigh and St Asaph Slimming World groups collected a phenomenal 245 bags of clothes, shoes, homeware and accessories as part of the Big Golden Slimming World Clothes Throw.

The bags will be donated to nearby Cancer Research UK shops as part of the national fundraising campaign by Slimming World, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of how maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, including breast, bowel and pancreatic cancer.

Obesity can also cause an increased risk of kidney, liver, upper stomach and thyroid cancer.

Each of the slimmers' filled bags are worth around £25, and this year’s campaign is aiming to beat the £3million raised in 2018. Since 2012, the partnership between the weight loss organisation and cancer charity has generated more than £12million.

Tracy Cawthray, who runs the Ruthin Slimming World group at St John's Ambulance Hall, said she is delighted to have raised so much money for charity. She said: “I can’t quite believe how many bags we managed to collect. I knew my members were amazing but I didn’t expect such an incredible level of effort!

“Seeing members donate their too-big clothes is just the cherry on top for me as a consultant. What I find so special is seeing members transform before my eyes as they lose weight. Many go from shy, apprehensive individuals who join with their confidence at rock bottom. They don’t believe they could ever lose the weight they dream of losing. When I look them in the eye and tell them they absolutely can be the size they want to be – whatever that is – and that I truly believe in them, things start to change."

Mrs Cawthray said that helping Slimming World members have a better relationship with food is a huge step on their journey to losing weight, which in turn helps to reduce risk of cancer. She said: “Our group members learn to remove feelings of guilt around food, and instead feel empowered by all the Free Food they can enjoy on Slimming World’s healthy eating plan Food Optimising. They learn to change the way they think about food by making changes to the way they shop, cook and eat, and lose weight without ever feeling like they have to restrict a thing or go hungry.

“So many people don’t know how much of a difference losing weight can make to health – including reducing the risk of developing a range of problems including some types of cancer.

"Hopefully this campaign and our efforts for charity will help inspire more people to improve their health and change their lives by losing weight too."

To find out more about Slimming World or the Big Golden Slimming World Clothes Throw, contact Tracy Cawthray, area manager for North Wales Central by calling 07557948659, or email