A MAJESTIC sight is the topic of our picture of the week.

This shot was sent in by Victor Paine.

He went to Llyn Brenig with a camera and a scope in the hope of seeing if either Blue 24 or HR7 (last years breeding pair) had returned.

"After a long wait, we did see an Osprey at a great distance but too far to identify," he explained.

"Luck was with us as it came near enough for a good photo and then moved further away.

"It reappeared a short time later complete with fish and came directly towards us.

"The photo was taken as the Osprey was changing its grip from the catch position to the usual Osprey transport grip of being in line with the airflow.

"The Darvic ring is CT so not one of last year's Ospreys, probably just a refuelling stop on its way to back to Scotland.

"The ring is not listed but it is thought it might from the Black Isle."

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