A PUBLIC school provides its pupils with a "cohesive community" and "outstanding outcomes", an inspection report has said.

Ruthin School was inspected by Estyn, the education inspectorate for Wales, in February. The day and boarding school, which has 360 pupils aged 10 to 20, received a glowing inspection report.

Inspectors said that “pupils at Ruthin School achieve outstanding outcomes in public examinations at the end of key stage four and in the sixth form". It added that across the pupils "display extremely positive attitudes to their learning and high levels of wellbeing.”

In Estyn’s five inspection areas, the school was judged “excellent” in both standards and well-being and attitudes to learning, and “good” in teaching and learning experiences, care, support and guidance and leadership and management.

The report highlighted that the school "is a cohesive community that provides beneficial support and guidance for its pupils. Teachers offer valuable help within and beyond the classroom to meet pupils’ individual needs effectively.”

Inspectors also commented that “teaching and assessment have a positive impact on outcomes for pupils. Where teaching is most effective, teachers have high expectations of pupils and challenge them adeptly to achieve their best."

It added that teachers "use a wide range of teaching methods and activities flexibly to capture pupils’ interests and to motivate them”.

Ruthin School is one of the UK's oldest schools, established in 1284.

Denbighshire Free Press:

Toby Belfield, Ruthin School principal

Toby Belfield, principal of Ruthin School, said the school is "rightfully proud" and that inspectors were "impressed" by the number of its students attending the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

He said: “I am delighted that the Estyn Inspectors acknowledged that Ruthin School is a school that clearly demonstrates academic excellence. We have been consistent in our message – Ruthin School’s main focus is to provide students with a high quality academic education so they can have the opportunity to gain access to the best universities in the UK.

“Our teachers are some of the best academics that you will ever meet, and they will be rightfully proud when they read this report. Staff at Ruthin School work very hard to ensure the excellent standards are achieved by the students.

“The inspectors were impressed with the high number of students that achieve entry to Oxbridge and other top ranking universities. My belief is that parents choose Ruthin School so that their child has the opportunity to gain access to these universities – and, consequently, the demand for places at the School is high.

“In addition to our “excellent” standards, the Inspectors were impressed with our pupils’attitudes to learning and their high levels of well-being. This is particularly pleasing, as I know that our pupils behave extremely well and truly love their lessons and their studies.”

Julie Oldbury, Ruthin School chairman of governors, said: “As a governor and former parent I am very proud of the achievements of the pupils and staff. The principal and staff have worked extremely hard over the last few years to ensure each pupil achieves their goals.

"The contribution that we make to local, national and international communities is fantastic."