AN INVESTIGATION is underway after a young boy was badly injured at a Llangollen railway event.

Reports indicate the child was injured by boiling water at the 1940's themed weekend which was taking place at Carrog station on Sunday afternoon.

Liz McGuinnes, Business Manager at Llangollen Railway said: "Llangollen Railway very much regrets the unfortunate accident in which a young boy was badly injured by boiling water near Carrog station on Sunday afternoon during our 1940s themed weekend.

"Myself and volunteers involved in the event, which until this happened had been a very successful and enjoyable two-day occasion, are all extremely upset about what took place.

"We can only hope that the little boy is not too badly injured and is able to make a speedy and full recovery.

"I would like to thank everyone who came to the boy’s assistance following the incident and members of the emergency services who attended at the scene and so swiftly arranged his transfer to hospital.

"Immediately after the accident took place I ordered a full internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding it and this is now underway."